• One day me and my sister, Maria, were headed out to the forest where we had planned to go camping. "We are going to have so much fun biggrin !" Maria said. I looked at her and said "I know, and maybe we will come here again sometime." The reason we were going camping was because it was Maria's birthday and she had never gone camping before so me and my mother decided I would take her camping. My mother just got her a gift card to Clairs. So we were finally at the place where we were going to set up camp for 1 week, but then we thought we heard a "neigh" in the woods only about 16ft. ahead arrow . Now I wasn't worried but what if we scared it, it could charge at us and maybe even kill. But of course she still wanted to go camping. But then I got a grat idea idea ! "Let's try to see if that is what we heard." Maria said okay and I went first. Sure enough it was a horse, but not just any horse. It looked like the Unicorns or Peagususes in the books I read to Maria every night to get her to go to sleep. I wispered to my self "No way, i-i-it's real, a real peagusus!? eek I was frightened but somehow tempted to go pet it.

    So I told Maria to climb up a tree and stay there just in case it would go balistic and hurt her. I walked up to the gentle creature with my hand out. "It's okay, it's okay." I said to it softly. heart This magestic animal had winges, the shade of a blue I had never seen before, with hooves so black and such soft fur heart . I had seemed to have taken a liking to it. So I told Maria to come down. She came down with a frightened face. "I-i-i-i-i-is it gonna hurt me Sissy? cry " "No" "It's very kind" So I got on the beauty of a horse with Maria. I decided to name the horse Stella. "Stella thats a good name, Haylie" said Maria. When we were finished riding I tied it on to a tree so we could ride it when we needed to go home when the trip was over instead of walking again. Maria liked that plan too.

    One Week Later

    We started to head home on Stella, when she stopped. I realized it was because of people. She wanted to stay a secret, non-excisting. I was sad but knew we had to let her go. But I will still set out to find her someday, I promise Stella, I will.

    Part 1