Chapter 3 - Trouble in Giga City

    *In Kabiar town's outskirts, Phil, Jon, Violet, Cedre, and the others were standing outside talking.*

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    Jack= Well Phil ol' mate. Looks like I'll be off for now. I need to get in contact with Kay soon or she'll get too worried about me.

    Phil= It's been good mate. Are you sure you want to take Cedre with you?

    Jack= Of'corse. I think it would be wise to get more company for a change. Im gonna stick in this area for awhile checking for more Model W's.

    Phil= Sounds good. Im gonna take these 2 tykes with me allong with my new crew and continue to look for John and Nyamo.

    Cedre= I'll be fine Phil. It was great travelin with you. Take care now.

    *everyone else entered the Pillar of Autumn and flew off*

    Violet= Jack, is it ok to not stay with them?

    Jack= I know lass, we need to take care of this area for Phil. He has his hands full now. He has John to worry about, tykes to train, and Model W's to hunt for and destroy.

    Cedre= It's gonna be fine kid. Besides, Kay's headed this way. I recieved a call from her early this morning. She's gonna have her hands full herself. She's got new recruits of her own too. New members Rob Dante, Kyro, Halkel, & Moria are gonna be here too.

    Violet= Oh good. New members. Sounds like fun. By the way, how is Miss. Prairie and the others of the guardians doing?

    Jack= I havent had a word yet, but there quite busy themselves. Lets get with those hunters and see if we can hire some extra help.

    (Music fades)

    *Meanwhile...... John and the Bonnes landed in the outskirts of Giga city and kept there ship, the Marlwolf out of site due to the fact that Giga city welcomed no humans. It's been 300 years since the incidents between the Giga force, rebelion and the maverick hunter conflicts.*

    Teasel= Hmmm.... according to this data John found, this setlement dosen't allow humans here. If were gonna find any scraps and information leading to "Force Metal" and "Model W's", were gonna need to be careful here.

    Tron= My servebots should be ok here. But us, John and Nyamo will have to stay behind.

    Teasel= Nonsence! John can put on his "biometal" and look like a reploid so these gig's will think him as one of there own. Him, the servebots and Bon can easaly slip in and check for clues.

    Tron= Brilliant idea.

    John= I heard all of it. This may be ok for Bon and the servebots but let's just hope they dont scan me when im in there.

    Teasel= Nonsence boy! Just dont get too close to there scanners and you will be fine. Were gonna get that force metal one way or the other.

    Tron= Ok. John, you heard him. Hop to it!

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    *John headed from the outskirts and to the unused docks and cargo areas. John Spotted the area where he had to go. John took the ladder to the platforms above him and entered a door that lead to the sewar and power lines. This was a good start to go where he needed. John having Model SH equipped grinding on the pipes was no problem and made traveling easier.*

    Model SH= See, no problem! All but 1. I really don't like this Teasel Bonne guy. He seems that his needs are more important than the matter of Model W's and the responsibility of this force metal.

    John= I agree with you, but I need to pay him off for what he did for me back in Abagale, and this may be my big chance.

    Model SH= I know bud, you want to pay back the big guy and win the brown girl right? By the way, that's a nice laser sword you have there, and that silver thing with the blue light.

    John= This is a beam saber given to me by Colonel, a reploid who saved my life allot of times and I hardly got to repay him.

    Model SH= Where is this guy now?

    John= Dead! A maverick by the name of Omega Zero.... that b*****d killed him. Took him from behind durring a fight with another. And killed a close friend of 2 kids.

    Model SH= Your thinking of revenge?

    John= No. Avenging them is more like it. And this thing is called a Sonic Screwdriver. You watched me use it back at that tower to pry the data from that computer.

    *John arrived at a door leading to a small chamber and there was another door full of black derbis and as if something blew up on it like a bomb, and John saw parts of a dead reploid, an arm and some other parts. This gave John bad feelings.*

    Model SH= John....are you ok?

    John= .......,.. Im... im fine.

    Model SH= Now let's bust through this old door, it's condition and age...... we should be able to break through it with a spin dash attack.

    *John curlled up into a big blue metalic ball and began to reapidly spin and took off and slammed into the door busting right through it.*

    John= Hey, no sweat.

    Model SH= I told you. No problem.

    *John continued to move through the area and other rooms in the facility in hopes to find what he's looking for. John continued to move through the area to find his way. Later he found a computer terminal and used the sonic screwdriver to access the map data.*

    John= Getting this?

    Model SH= Sure thing. The map data to the facility. There's a security vault with valuables in the next 3 floors, but theres guards in there.

    John= Those guys are gonna be a problem. We need to find a better way to get in there.

    Model SH= Once we enter this door, we will have to sneak through. There's lots of reploid guards.

    John= These reploids shouuldnt be like this, the rebelion thing was 300 years ago right? Why should it be continuing now?

    Model SH= Im also picking up signals of old model reploids possibly from the 2000x year.....

    John= Wily. I bet he's got something to do with it.

    *John enters the metal door.*

    (Music changes to - Recovery of hope/Megaman X command mission)Download

    *John was in a basement quarters full of tall racks lined up with electronics, power pipes, networks of power cords, and terminals. There were reploid workers arround and helping one another. John jumped up high to the top of these large racks to get out of site. John snuck past the group to get to the next door and move to the next room. John then snook past the security guards by hiding behind large objects and other things he can use to get out of sight. Then he moved to the next room, a lone locker room, where he could get some rest.*

    John= Good god, if this is small security, man I hate doing this. Only if Model S were here....

    Model SH= Who in the heck is this Model S you keep bringing up?

    John= She was a biometal I had when I was in the other continent 4 years from now. She was a unique biometal that could megamerge with any M.E.G.A. system biometal and can unlock it's secret potentals and had the power to use mechanloid cyber souls. She had one from a space pirate that could cloak. If we had that now, it would make getting through this place much better.

    Model SH= Man were stuck now. I like to see what they got in this storage they have. Besides, I sure wouldn't trust these Bonnes with this force metal stuff.

    John= Better the Bonnes than the space pirates or Dr. Wily's numbers.

    Model SH= Hey, Im picking up a wierd device in this locker.

    *John opened the locker and found some kind of portable unit with a blue button on it.*

    John= I wonder that this is? Why not scan this?

    Model SH =Good Idea.

    *Model SH scanned the device*

    Model SH =Hey, this is an experimental cloaking device. And it's in top condition. I say let's use it!

    *John activated the cloaking device and snook through the security and later on, reached a chamber with a security padlocked box with a hologram projecting sighn saying "Force Metal - type not determined - authorised personel only".*

    John= This must be it.

    Tron (radio)= John, were analizing the energy signature in front of you, but our computers can't translate it. What is it?

    John= It's the force metal were looking for. But there's something else going on here. Im picking up 2000x dated reploids in this place, those are Dr. Wily's minions. I need to know why there here.

    Tron (radio)= Did you say....Dr. Wily!? That's the guy we stole the metaltr...uh.. I mean.. Dalek from isn't it?

    John= Im glad you remembered it. Let's just hope he hasn't gotten another one of those.

    Tron (radio)= What happened to that one we had in Abagale?

    John= It self destructed. Those Neo Arcadian psuderoid battle knocked me back and I accidently touched it's casing and it absorbed my D.N.A. and it began to behave differently.

    Tron (radio)= Never mind that now, just get that force metal thing and get out of there.

    Teasel (radio)= Tron, im picking up ships from different angles from our location, there some kind of security vessles. I think we been spotted!

    John= What!?

    Nyamo (radio)= John, please hurry.

    John= Oh god, one part of drama after the other, s**t! Only if I havent warped my other biometals to Phil's ship.

    Model SH= Don't worry, let's grab this force metal and move posthaste

    *John used his sonic screwdriver to hack open the padlock and he grabbed the force metal and ran to the other room where the loby was still cloaked,.... but as soon as he reached the loby, a flying screen appeared through the window and displayed a monitor with news coverage*

    (Music stops)

    The Flying monitor began to play a news like notification

    Security woman= We interupt your peace to bring you a news bulletin. An unknown unidentified vessel was spotted near the outskirts of giga city, the giga security are now intercepting this ship as it attemps to escape. This may be the pirates known as the Bonne Family responsible for theft of a rare alien creature abducted from the hands of our new mayor of giga city, Dr. Albert Wily,... more details at 11:00.

    John= What!?

    (Music playing - In the nick of time/ Megaman X command Mission)Download

    Tron (radio)= John, there after us!

    Teasel (radio)= John, were gonna escape and leave you on your own for awhile. Just be careful

    Bon (radio)= Babuuuuu....

    Nyamo (radio)= John, please be careful.

    John= No no no no NOT AGAIN!!

    Model SH= There's nothing we can do now, let's try to get out of here while we still can!

    *John reactivated the cloaking device and ran to the right hallway, through the shopping dome, and out to the docking bay. Then John spotted the tighned security and other citizens in a panic.*

    John= Were cut off! Better take the other way.

    *John went back the other way he went from before and through the loby, he ran past the left hallway and ran across the unused dome and found a bunch of security guards talking*

    Security reploid 1= Have you heard, humans in giga city.

    Security reploid 2= Yeah, arent humans banned from this place, except the ones with safety passes?

    Security reploid 3= Of corse. There was also reports that an experimental cloaking device was reported missing.

    Security reploid 2= Oh no. No one's been downstairs so I bet those Bonne thugs had a thief to break in here.

    Security reploid 1= Then we may have an intruder in here. Scan every citizen in sight.

    Security reploids 2 & 3= YES SIR!

    John= Oh crap. There begining the scanning. If they scan me, the'll know im the intruder. This is Dr. Wily's fault.

    Model SH= Never mind that now, we need to get out of here pronto!

    *John was ready to dash but the cloaking device was finaly giving out and John was visible again*

    John= Oh no! The cloaking device it's....shorted.

    Model SH= Uh, oh.

    Security reploid 1= Hey YOU!! Stop right there!

    Security reploid 2= The one in the blue armor, your not from around here are you?

    Security reploid 3= I just scanned him, he's human in a biometal with no safety pass and WAIT!... He's got the force metal and the cloaking device from downstairs, Sir, we got'em!!

    Model SH= This is just our luck isn't it?

    Dr. Wily (radio)= Vhat is it now!?

    Security reploid 1= Sir, it's a human without a safety pass.

    Dr. Wily (radio)= Scann him again!

    Security reploid 2= Done! Im sending the quardnets to you now.

    Dr. Wily (radio)= It can't BE!! It's John Haris, the nefarious Megaman Plum!

    Security reploid 3= What!? Impossible.

    Dr. Wily (radio)= Vhat are you vating you fools, Arrest HIM!!

    John= Dr. Wily! I bet your behind this mess!

    Dr. Wily (radio)= How did you escape my trap?

    John= A little magic trick, and now here's another trick. BYE!

    *John spindashed past the guards and haulled a** from the hallway through the loby*

    John= That little old jackass!

    *John reached the mall dome and walked to the transorter booth*

    Transport reploid woman= Welcome to the transporter ..... huh? Hey, your not registered....Security! HELP!! It's the intruder!

    John= Thank's allot lady!

    *John pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the teleporter controls and activated the transport pod.*

    Transport reploid woman= That's private property! You can't do that!

    John= Sorry lady, but im not the bad guy here. Gota juice!

    Model SH= That's my line.

    *John jumped in and got transported to an unknown location*

    (Music stopped)

    Security reploid 1= We got you now... huh?

    Security reploid 2= We lost him. Were too late.

    Security reploid 3= Oh no. The boss is gonna be pissed.

    *Meanwhile......In the hunter's ship.......the hunters and Ashe were discussing about the news and John's wareabouts............

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    User Image

    (Music playing - Zero Stage 1/ Megaman X 5 )Download

    Hunter 1= You mean a guy named John saved Abagale from a band of mavericks 104 years ago, but that can't be the same guy can it?

    Hunter 2= Yeah man, he should be dead by now. And you claim him to be the one who helped those little guys and those Bonnes steal our treasure and saved us from that Giga Aspis.

    Hunter 3= This guy even used magic as well as a biometal. What if this guy is that legendary guy from that era? Or a decendant perhaps?

    Hunter 2= Maybe he's immortal....

    Hunter 3= You mean he's like a god or spirit....

    Hunter 1= Now you 2 are talking nonsence. We dont know exactly who he is, but even he saved us, he still helped those little lego looking wierdos steal our treasure. Me and Ashe cannot forgive him for that.

    Hunter 4= Guys! Listen up. These little robot guys, there called the Bonnes. But you need to listen to this broadcast I found. It's from Giga city.

    Hunter 1= Giga City? But that's a reploid setlement, and you know damn well we cant go into that place without a safety pass, the Sage Trinity made it loud and clear that we do not venture into that place without one.

    Monitor= Reporting from Giga city, we descovered that a human without a safety pass somehow broke into new hope tower and stole a valuable object and an experimental cloaking device from there vaults. We do not have the identity of the human at this time. He was last seen in the mall dome and used an unknown form of a sonic device to hack into the teleport unit and escape from security.

    Hunter 3= Man.

    Hunter 2= He's something.

    Ashe= Then we go to Giga city!

    Hunter 1= Ashe! Are you crazy? We do not have safety passes and we cant go to reploid only setlements witout them. We hunters cant even afford them!

    Hunter 3= Were getting a call from the Sage Trinity... it's from Master Albert.

    Albert (radio)= I been picking up your location of your ship and been overhearing your conversation. This mystery man does concern us. Please take these safety passes that I will be transporting you you now. Investigate this incident and gain the Giga reploids your trust. Find this John guy, and you will be greatly rewarded.

    Hunter 4= Oh... it's an honor sir!

    Albert (radio)= Think noting of it. Now go to Giga City and investigate.

    All hunters= YES SIR!

    (Music slowly changes to - The Chosen one/ Megaman Z X Advent)Download

    *Meanwhile..................somewhere else in an unknown location...... a secret lab.......

    User Image

    Prometheus= I can't believe Master Albert let those meddlin hunters go after John in Giga City while we could be doing THAT!

    Pandora= Calm down Prometheus, im sure Master Albert has his reasons. Besides, we have an important duty here. This Reploid boy here.... he want's us to help build him a custom son.

    Prometheus= And why is that?

    Pandora= It's because it's an important task he said. He only trusts us for it.

    Prometheus= And now I been hearing that John got himself a new biometal.... this time a blue one with super speed. I was wondering what happened to all of the biometal he had before, especally those girly ones and that wretched Model S that kept yapping at him for no reason.

    Pandora= Perhaps that Phil has them. You know he and John trust each other. He also helped the 4 guardians escape Rangaroc 2, and foiled our plans to sieze the guardian ship.

    Prometheus= I know! And I would like to take another crack at the both of them for what they did! Im suprised that they managed to defeat Omega Zero. That I don't understand. And I been also wondering what happened to Dr. Weil?

    Pandora= Dr. Weil told us to stay with Albert incase something ever happened to him. Dr. Weil did find us a long time ago as we could possibly remember.

    Prometheus= And you know Albert was the one who created us in the first place.

    Pandora= All we can do now is manage this boy...Grey...and wait for further instructions.

    Prometheus= Well, im not gonna sit here for nothing. Im gonna go to Giga city right now and see what's up.

    Pandora= PROMETHEUS! You cant.....

    *Prometheus teleports*

    Pandora= Iddiot brother.....

    *Suddenly, A transmision hailed, it was not from Albert himself.....but someone....else......*

    ?????= Pandora.... Did Master Albert check upon you?

    Pandora= No sir. Not yet.

    ?????= How are the 4 subjects you siezed?

    Pandora= There doing fine. They havent fully been modified yet but there still in exelent condition.

    ?????= I see. And what about the 4 biometal you abducted from the guardians Vent and Aile?

    Pandora= Oh those? The memory from the biometals were wiped out sucsessfully and fully upgraded as ordered from you and Master Albert.

    ?????= Exelent. Giving reploids mortality..... is one of my greatest and important goals. It's also important to remind you that Master Alber and I have agreed on this secret project, and it's up to you and Prometheus to keep this secret, especally keep it secret from Master Mikail. He's been getting suspicous of late.

    Pandora= Oh, absolutely sir.

    ?????= Im glad to see that project is running perfectly and will be operational soon, I look forward to it. Over and out.

    *Transmision ends*

    Pandora= Soon, the new 4 guardians will be born and will arrise. Harpuia, Fefnir, Levaithan, and Phantom.....those who asisted John 104 years ago. You will now be replaced by 2 humans and 2 reploids....soon. *chuckles*

    (Music ends)

    *Meanwhile......John teleported to an island full of both natural and artifical forests and jungle landscaping and with a big thud he slowly got up ......*

    (Music playing - The Scientist/ Secret of Evermore)Download

    John= Ohhhhhh, what a headpoper.

    Model SH= Woah, take it slowly guy.

    John= Man my head hurts a bit.

    Model SH= That teleporter wasn't properly primed you know.

    John= I know, but I was in a hurry to escape capture incase you didnt notice.

    Model SH= Ok ok ok, sheesh. Look, im sorry ok? This place looks like something from a jungle movie...... but some of these trees are all metal like.

    John= It's some kind of meca-tree things. I forgot the proper name for them, but that's how reploids maintaned nature for natural tree infested inviroments. They planred these things to help real trees.This place looks kind'a old. It's time to have a look arround.

    *John looked arround and walked forward in a place that was once a labortory.... and found an old computer of some sorts. John used his sonic screwdriver and activated the computer.*

    Model SH= John you are such a genius.

    John= Nah, not really. Only if Kaolla were here, she would fix this thing quick time. Now, let's see what I can find here.*

    Computer video= ......ssssssss......This is Profesor Galdiel... this may be my final journal..... ssssssssss.....the Sigma virus.... is spreading......I too may be infected...... and will pass on soon, ..... but for the safety of my dear Cinimon......I sealed her in a capsule like the ones X and Zero were found in... of my desighn. I hid it here for safe keeping .....s.....s.s.s.s....Oh no... here they come..... if anyone gets this...... please take care of her..... and the is infac... AHHHH!...Ssssssss...tkbntgnwitvntvntbnrtnbonbon......

    John= Yikes. Model SH, still got that data from that ruins?

    Model SH= Sure thing.

    John= Try uploading it in this computer.

    Model SH= Done.

    *Sudenly a map data appeared and gave the quardnets to the capsule.....*

    John= Alright. Model SH, download it now.

    Model SH= Up, over, and DONE!

    John= Now help me wipe out this data from this monitor.

    Model SH= Done too.

    John= We can't have Dr. Wily, Dalton, Space pirate, or any follower of Dr. Weil getting this.

    Model SH= I agree with you bud. Let's move out and get it.

    (Music changes to - Thick forest of secret treasues/ Megaman X command Mission)Download

    *John still equipped with Model SH, he brought up the map navigator to help track down the capsule...... John followd the map to the correct direction and although it was like a maze, John didn't see any wild mechanloid in sight.*

    John= Man, this place is quiet. Never been used in years.

    Model SH= I don't like it to quiet. Let's use super speed and sprint down there.

    John= Ok, I like the sound of that. I like to get this done quick.

    *John in the Model SH used the super speed from sliding down on the sloped floors to grinding on staircase rails and outside branches and other obstacles. in a short time, John reached closer to the location of the capsule.*

    John= Well, that was easy.

    Model SH= Look.... in that direction....

    *John and Model SH cought sights of a giga city air flagship doing runs and scans of the area.*

    John= Were running out of time.

    *John continued to venture further down and went passed several giga mechainloids. John chose not to attack them cause it would bring the giga police attention. John finaly reached the chamber of the capsule and entered the door and shut it behind him.*

    (Music changed to - Mystery of the force metals/ Megaman X command mission)Download

    John= So this is it. The capsule with Cinnimon.... who once knew Megaman.

    Model SH= Megaman? You mean that's X right?

    John= I call him Megaman cause he's the origional. I mean,... look what he went through from his first era of life to the last.

    Model SH= Oh ok. Now let's get this capsule thing opened.

    John= Hang on, this thing is a bit old and needs proper handling, and I don't qualify. I better keep this secret from the Bonnes too. Understand?

    Model SH= Sure thing.

    *John pulls out a CC unit capsule ball he got from Symphonia and used it to incase the capsule.*

    Model SH= What the heck was THAT!?

    John= It's a CC unit capule device. Kaolla found these in another dimenson when we were traveling the universe. We used to sneak the Tardis through tight security a dozen times. It was wicked.

    Model SH= Cleaver dog you.

    John= Remember,... we cant get caught or get arrested by the giga police.

    *Sudenly... there was a crashing noise outside, like explosions.*

    (Music stops)

    *John opened the door and closed it back, then looked outside through the bushes of the trees and saw a bungh of space pirates attack the giga police force from ambushing to brutal agressive force.*

    (Music playing - Vs. Space Pirates/ Metroid Prime 2 echoes)Download

    Police reploid 1= Mayday mayday!! Were under attack by agressive aliens...

    Police reploid 2= Watch out!

    Police reploids 1 and 2= AHHHHHHH!!!

    *An elette space pirate trooper just sliced those giga city police reploids with one jab from his weapon.*

    John= Oh god, not them again!

    Model SH= Those space pirates make me sick!

    John= That's it, I cant stand this kind of crap. Those pirate aliens are going down!

    *John began to fill up with anger bolted out of hiding and jumped right into the opening.*


    Space pirate 1= It's the blasted human, kill him!!

    Space pirate 2= these wretched reploids and John, kill them all!!

    *The groups of space pirates raced towards John and John performed homing atacks on the group of space pirates one by one till they all fell like a row dominos. Then a few elete pirates appeared and began to fire there grenade launchers but John performed a slide and spin dash atack on every one of them. Then he saw a group of pirates attempting to attack a group of Giga reploid police team, John jumped out from behind the pirates and casted (Thunder 2) on the whole group striking them dead.*

    John= You guys get out of here! Those aliens are too dangerous for you! Get out now! RUN!

    Reploid 1= That's the thief!

    Reploid 2= But he just saved us!

    Reploid 3= We better move out now!

    *The reploids retreated back to there flagships and took off but there were still more who needed help. John raced after them and there was a big group of space pirates.*

    John= Im not letting you hurt anymore reploids you bastards!

    Elete Pirate= You want to die so badly mega man!? I can fufill your request. KIll the Mega man!!

    (Music changes to - Suck a sage/ Guilty Gear XX )Download

    *John pulled out his Colonel saber and tried some moves he didn't try before, he used the ability "Soul Serge" and struck down a group of 10 elete pirates with one wack each in a long row.*

    John= What was THAT!?

    Model SH= I forgot to menson I have some other specal abilities called Soul Serge, you can focus saber attacks on your enemies, usefull when you need to knock down some strong foes in a hurry, but careful, my specal meter runs out quick too so you need to use it carefully. It takes time to recharge too, and I can't use it anymore right now, we need to refill my specal gadge with weapon capsules.

    John= Let's see if we can pick some up from these pirates we knock down.

    *John began to target only the pirates attempting to hurt the reploids and used his homing attack and performed a tempest and took out several space pirates with it and then he casted (Heal 2) on a giga police reploid that got injured.*

    Reploid 1= Thank you human!

    Reploid 2= We can't thank you enough.

    John= Listen to me. These space pirate monsters and Dr. Wily are connected with each other. I delt with him before.

    Reploid 3= Dr. Wily is our new president of Giga city now.

    John= I don't believe it! Listen, Dr. Wily is up to something. I suggest you spread the word to all good citizens in silence. He's seriously dangerous. Dont let his reploids know about it.

    Reploid 2= We need to get back. We can just tell him you got away.

    John= Thank you so much.

    Reploid 1= It's the least we can do for what you did for us. Keep those things you stole. If what you say about him is true, then get those away from him for us ok?

    John= Thanks. Now run!

    *More space pirates began to open fire and John performed another homing dash attack on each group. Then John grinded on the giant tree roots with the slippery vines to out manover more space pirates. Then the space pirates decided to retreat.*

    Space pirate 1= Were taking too much damage.

    Space Pirate 2= We need to retreat for now.

    Space Pirate 3= Dr. Wily isn't gonna like this.

    *John stands and stares upward as the ships of both the space pirates and Giga city police take off and leave the forest island. As soon as the land was clear, John sat down on a stump and began to relieve himself from battle.*

    (Music ends slowly)

    John= Man, got lost again.

    Model SH= It happens bud. Besides, what you did was great. You used some of my powers I forgot to menson earlier. I also have more for you to learn in the future.

    John= Thanks. Dr. Light did menson there's more custom biometals he made in secret.

    Model SH= He sure did. And according to his files in my databank, there all here in the giga region. He kept us seperate from the others incase if something were to happen to us.

    John= Smart man,.... Dr. Light. Im so sorry that he had to get wrapped up with Dr. Wily. They ARE school colleges afterall and they used to be friends.

    *Suddenly..... a shady figure appeared out of nowhere......*

    User Image

    (Music playing - Begining/ Street Fighter Zero)Download

    Prometheus= There you are.

    John= .....That voice.... Prometheus!?

    Prometheus= Supries to see me? I thought Omega Zero finished you off once and for all.

    John= It's gonna take more than him to stop me.

    Prometheus= Overconfident as usual I see.

    Model SH= Who the heck is this guy?

    John= Watch it, he's not just anyone.

    Prometheus= I see you got yourself another new type of biometal. I thought you would be all wrapped up with that annoying Model S and the rest of those eyesore lolita biometals you always get wound up with.

    John= Let's just say there taking a vacation. How you been these days?

    Prometheus= DONT GET CHEECKY WITH ME SCUM! Im not here to chit chat with the likes of you! Thanks to you and that McDonald, Dr. Weil is out for the count and it's all your fault!

    John= My fault!? It was Dr. Wily that did it, not me. You want to avenge Dr. Weil, go find Dr. Wily. Im sure there's plenty of robot masters for you to fight since you like using violence to solve your problems.

    Prometheus= Don't worry, I sure will as soon as I relieve that new biometal from your charred remains!

    John= Oh god, here we go again.

    (Music changes to- Trap Fanatics/ Megaman ZX Gigamix)Download

    *Prometheus charges at John while he was siting on the stump but he did a backflip to dodge his attack with a move he could never do on his own. John performed a homing attack on him a few times then he began to jump in midair sending blasts of fire engulfed skulls after him. John took them out and shouted.....*

    John= What the hell are you doing!? Are you wanting a forest fire!?

    Prometheus= I DON'T CARE!!

    John= You leave me no choice but to fight!

    Prometheus= GOOD!!

    *Prometheus launched more of his cruel aresonal such as his demon fang attacks (used in Tales of Symphonia) and his his hair blade attack (Used in MMZX) at John. But John managed to manover them well with Model SH and countered easaly. Prometheus began to change his fight paterns more, he began to perform a slow decent in midair launching air slash beams and performing a rising tempest and also using more of his fire attacks as well, John continued to dodge them all and began to use Model SH's super speed which made Prometheus's attacks almost useless.*

    Prometheus= I will not be done by this FREAK!!

    *Suddenly, cannaon shots from a Bonne trooper ship shot at Prometheus, but he dodged and tried to slash back at the bonne ships.*

    John= Stay back guys! This guy outranks you all!

    *Prometheus tried to get at John when he lost focus but John was just too fast, and John gave Prometheus a dose of his sliding attacks and flung him in the air and casted (Ice 2), but after that, Prometheus gave up.*

    (Music stops)

    Prometheus= Damn you scum! Looks like im not at full power here. You win this time, but beware..... when im stronger, you will be the one who gets tossed arround.

    *Prometheus teleports*

    John= Prometheus..... why can't you be like me instead of Weil?

    *John's com link kicked in*

    Nyamo (radio)= John, your ok. We managed to get away in time.

    Tron (radio)= We found you fighting some wierdo. Hoggin all the fun arent we?

    John= No, you got it all wrong.

    Teasel (radio)= Looks like were the ones late this time.

    John= It was a total mess.

    Tron= Well, looks like you earned a break, as soon as you show us the loot. *cackles*

    Nyamo (radio)= Tron!?

    *later.... inside the Marlwolf........*

    John= Model SH, could you help me out a bit?

    Model SH= Sure man, what is it?

    John= Can we take a look at this data of these 3 custom biometal stuff?

    Model SH= Absolutely. Dont forget IM one of these 3 customs so that's 1 down for you.

    John= We need to find the other 2 and help repay the Bonnes so I can find Phil, Kay and the rest and take Nyamo with us.

    *sudenly, Tron stepped inside the room*

    Tron= What are you babblin about in here?

    John= Tron, could you do me a favor?

    Tron= It..... depends.

    John= I need help finding the location of these 2 places. The locations to the other 2 custom biometals of Dr. Light. You and Teasel can keep all other treasures you find.

    Tron= Well...... I'll discuss it with Teasel tonight and think about it. You deserve some rest, you worked hard today.

    John= Thanks Tron.

    Tron= Go and get some sleep now. Your gonna need it tommorow.

    *Tron leaves*

    Nyamo= Why is Tron so rash?

    John= Dunno honey, well, im gonna be busier tommorow so im gonna need all the rest I can get.

    *So John goes to bed and with Nyamo to keep him company. John's search for the custom biometals begins soon, but what about Phil, Kay, Jack, and the others, and what about this mystery man who hitch hiked on board the Pillar of autumn? Stay tuned next time.*