• The night was dark and the moon caused shadows to dance across me and my surroundings. The four walls of my room where here, but my ceiling was detached and not even present, making it so that the stars were clearly shining bright, down from the heavens, in company with the full moon brightened the night with a beautiful pale color.

    I was lying in my bed and had myself propped up against the headboard. As I looked around I heard the approach of footsteps. Turning to the sound I saw my mother, beautiful and pale from the light of the moon, She was always pale, but even more so in this lighting. Her dark mahogany waves stretching down past her shoulders to mid-back.

    Her smile matched mine as she walked over to me and sat down leaning against the headboard too.

    “How are you tonight?” she asked in a caring motherly tone as she wrapped her arms around me.

    “I’m good mom.” I answered back.

    “Can you promise me something Luna?” Her voice had changed ever so slightly, like she was about to admit to a long kept secret or something. I furrowed my brows in confusion and leaned back so that I could look into her face.

    She just smiled back, not undeterred from my accusing look.

    “Can you?” she asked again raising an eyebrow into an arch. Reluctantly I nodded becoming worried as to what she could possible want her to promise about.

    “Will you care for your sisters, and keep them going in the right direction… Lead them the way you are going.” She gave me another tight hug and stood slowly.

    I was even more confused before and couldn’t make sense of her words. And now she was leaving?

    The walls and my bed had disappeared and now I was standing in the middle of a meadow that was a giant circle of grass lined with trees. The moon and stars still shone down, making shadows appear that were not there before.
    My mother was still there but further away than I had though she had walked. And another thing I noticed was the lack of feet. They had become part of the thin layering of mist that was draped over the grass like a lining of a cotton sheet.

    “Mom?” I asked in a bewildered voice that was a little shaky. I knew something was going on and it wasn’t normal.

    “Remember what I have told you Luna. Help your sisters… do the right thing… and never forget to listen to your feelings… you have a gift that you should listen to…” she body was ghosting away from me and her voice was fading away into a quiet whisper as she continued.

    Nothing was making sense. I began to run after her but my legs wouldn’t run. Even though my mind said that I should be moving faster, in reality I wasn’t moving any faster than a fast walk.

    “Mom don’t go. What are you talking about?!” I was on the verge of crying. She was getting further and further away and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get to her.

    “Just listen to what I told you and you will be fine. Please Luna… please do this for me as a last request…” she pleaded in a quiet voice.

    I stopped moving. ‘Last request?’ Something bad was happening and she was in trouble I could tell it.

    “Mom don’t go please I’ll listen and do what you said but please don’t leave!” tears had broken through my small barrier that I had tried to put in place and they were in streaks down my cheeks.

    Out of no were tall cloaked figures began to float from the trees in a formation that was to surround my mother. The hoods covered their faces and they too had no feet, only the mist that they went through swirled around to any hints of their movements.

    “No!” I yelled and tried to run again but again it didn’t work. They moved as fast as I wish I could go, and were in a circle around my mom.

    She had her eyes locked on me and a saddened look on her face.

    The figures stopped their advance and raised their right hands to point at her. Darkness swirled from them and became a second mist that circled around my mother until she was no longer visible.

    Continuing to try to reach them I fought against my heavy legs and pushed on. I screamed for them to leave her alone but they didn’t listen, my voice carried out in the breeze and was as if I hadn’t said anything at all.

    They lowered their arms and turned to ghost away like they had arrived. The dark mist cleared and my mother still stood there looking at me with the same saddened expression. But there was a difference that had my tears flowing even more.

    She was drenched in a layer of blood that dripped off her fingers and down her face. There were no visible wounds but she was there, covered in blood, and looked at me like she didn’t want me to have to see this.

    “M-M-mom?!” I yelled in a broken whisper. I had meant it to be loud but my body betrayed me and didn’t give me that satisfactory of a voice.

    “Luna remember what I said and don’t go looking for what happened to me… or your father… help yourself… help your sisters….” Her voice got quieter and quieter as she began to evaporate into thin air. She looked like pixels on a computer screen. Her head fell back and her arms went limp as she rose into the sky.

    I fell to my knees and watched her disappear. I screamed in a cry of pain, even if it wasn’t physical pain, it was still pain. I didn’t understand why she had been taken away from me and my sisters. And what about her saying that I shouldn’t go looking for answers for what happened to her and dad.
    My head was throbbing and I didn’t know what to think. I put my forehead to the soft grass earth and just wept.

    The next thing I knew I felt a weird presents and I lifted my tear streaked face up form the ground and looked up to see a shadowy figure in the dark cloak towering over me. A light seemed to be on his face and what I saw froze me with fear.

    His disgusting mutated face shifted into a sickening reproduction of my father’s face that was grinning down at me. His familiar grey eyes where there, but his face was a shade of red that seemed to have been burned in a fire. Scares pulled his eyes and mouth in unnatural ways and made him all but unrecognizable.

    “I have come for you.” He said in deep almost animal sounding voice. He raised a hand out to me, palm out. And from the middle of his palm the darkened mist pulsed outwards and began to surround me.

    I screamed and that only seemed to make him happier. His grin stretched into a feral smile and his laughter sent shivers down my spine.

    The mist began to engulf me, all I could see is darkness, and the sounds of his laughter reverberated in my head making me dizzy.

    This was going to be it.

    “MOM!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as everything got blocked out and I couldn’t see, hear, feel, or sense anything. All feelings of living, disappeared…

    * * *

    I awoke with a start, breathing in short paints, and had sweat beads on my forehead and neck. My mind was in a haze and I couldn’t think straight. Because I have just woken up my vision was in a blur and nothing looked like it should.

    I grabbed my black, and purple checkered comforter and sheets, throwing them off me to the bottom edge of the bed. I flung my legs over the side of the bed and put my head in my hands trying to calm down and get my mind right again.

    My breathing normalized and I ran my fingers through my messed up-bed head-hair. The fan on my ceiling was on the highest setting it could be so I had already cooled down.

    Such a vivid dream, they have been getting worst lately.” I whispered to myself and leaned back holding myself upright with my arms. I looked around my familiar room and smiled, glad that my night mare was over with.