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  • Artist Info: Heya, this is Skate2Fantasy well.. my gaia name anyways...<br />
    My real name is...nah, i'm not gonna tell you...<br />
    I am somewhat of a troublemaker...<br />
    I like to use big words... <br />
    Not to mention, I like to be random but thats besides the point... <br />
    I am currently single, and that upsets me...<br />
    Anyways, i love to listen to music, in fact that really the only thing i do when i get home from school, just play my tunes and drown out the world...<br />
    I also like to read, i havn't read much this year but, its not over yet so im sure to have alot before its over...<br />
    Some of my friends say that i have a shot memory, but i think that i only remember the things i want to...<br />
    I'm a sucker for skater girls. Mostly because i'm a skater but still. Skateboarding is number 1 in my life. So if you skateboard, hit me up...<br />
    I don't believe in limits, and I aim beyond my boundaries...<br />
    I would say I'm a complicated person, but I'm still trying to discover what kind of person I am...<br />
    Living in the past is something I try not to do...<br />
    And I don't believe in looking too far off into the future...<br />
    I'd rather just stay right where I am in the present...<br />
    However, I do try to live each day as it was my last...<br />
    Being young gives me a chance to try many things, 'cause my childhood won't last forever...<br />
    Many people don't know how to choose their friends wisely, but I've learned what real is and what fake is...<br />
    I do have a lot to say, but I'm going go to stop everything right here...<br />
    Feel free to comment me...
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