• “Get back here! I didn’t mean to scare you! Really I…. s**t.” Terra sighed. “Why must humans be such fragile creatures?” She wondered, pushing her long red hair over her shoulder. “Why can’t anyone really love a vampire? Is everyone all just talk? Oh yeah, vampires are hot and, I would so date one!” Terra shoved her hands onto the front pockets of her jeans. Terra turned to walk home, then changed her mind and headed to the park. The park was the one place she felt not safe exactly, but calm. Terra walked down the paved path along a wooden fence until there was a small section of boards missing in the fence. Terra looked over her shoulder, and swiftly passed through the gap in the fencing.
    Terra walked the familiar path to a place where the trees were easily one hundred feet tall, and the canopy so thick, no sunlight came through. Terra was greeted by a stereo playing a song by her favorite band, The Cure. As well as several different greetings from her brother and his friend, Jared, and terra's two best friends, Chris and Alice. “I see he didn’t take the news that well, eh mate?” Jared jumped down from the branch he had been sitting on. “Oh? And how do you figure that?” Terra asked pulling one hand out of her jeans and placing it on her hip.
    “If he had taken it well, you two would be sucking face back at his place. And if he had taken it really well, and supported you, then he’d be standing at your side right now, wouldn’t he mate?”
    “And right you are! He looked absolutely terrified.”
    “You should have hissed at ‘em.”
    “And what would I have done if he started screaming like a little girl?”
    “Laughed and come back ‘ere.”
    Terra shook her head. “He was a good guy, I really liked him too.”
    Alice jumped from her branch and patted her on the back. “It's alright girl, they’ll be more.”
    Terra nodded, and climbed to her branch, the lowest from all the others, only fifty feet up. She pulled her knees up to her chin and wrapped her arms around them. What the point of living for forever if I don’t have someone to share it with? Terra thought. I mean, Alice had Jared, Tommy has that human chick Kassie, Thoms is single… for today. He has somebody new everyday pretty much. It was Tomas who broke Terra's thoughts. “Now now Susie, no crying. You’re a tomboy, suck it up! BE that girl that I acutely know. Not this sorry Susan chick I’ve never seen before. “Terra laughed.
    Just then Alice came down from the canopy. “Parks closed and empty” She yelled. She gracefully jumped down to sit on the branch with Jared. Felicia’s peeps are on the way.” A huge smile Spread across Thomas’ face. Felicia was the girl Thomas was sort of in love with. Felicia however, well she considered Thomas as no more than a cockroach.
    There was loud talking as Felicia, Nicholas, Andy, Allison, Jenna, and a new someone. Felicia, the leader of the pack was the first to break through the trees. Her pale skin luminescent under her Brown hair and tight black hello kitty Tee-Shirt. Nicholas followed behind her, his hair a short blond, in a classic boy-cut. He wore loose fit jeans and a solid peach shirt covered by a baggy gray sweatshirt. Andy, loud as always came through the trees in his usual neon clothes. Jenna and Allison followed holding hands and talking quietly to each other laughing. Silent as a shadow, an unfamiliar face came drifting through the trees. This particular boy caught Terra’s attention. There had been no new Vampires since Jared had asked Alice to change him so he could spend forever with her.
    The boy noticed Terra looking at him and turned away. Terra was sure that if vampires could blush this boy would have. He was a little bit taller than Terra, about 5’ 11”. His dark mouse brown hair came to the base of his neck in the back and to just above his large brown eyes in the front. He had a black sweatshirt on, zipped up half way exposing his bare chest. Black torn skinny jeans were held up with a black and silver studded belt. The boys’ out-of-place red converse caught Terra’s attention.
    Unlike the rest of his clothes which were old, and in some places torn, the converses were brand new. A sudden thought hit terra like a brick to her head. What if he was like her, a street rat before Felicia found him as Alice found her.
    Terra hoped out of the tree and landed a few feet from the boy. He was startled, but did not make anymore as to run or walk away from her. The boy just looked at his shoes. “Hello. I’m Terra.” Terra held out her hand, in a kind greeting manor. “I’m Ace.” He muttered but did not shake terra’s hand nor did he move. “I hope you don’t mind me asking this, but were you a street rat before Felicia found you?” The boy looked up, a confused look on his face. Terra could tell he wasn’t sure how to react. “I was just wondering, because, well you see I was a rat before I was attacked and became well, what I previously thought to be a mythical creature.” Terra let out a nervous laugh. Ace looked at Terra, “your domain didn’t happen to be the pike place in Seattle did it?” Terra was shocked.
    “Yeah, far end, why?”
    “Because I had the same end as you.”
    Terra's eyes grew, “No way than...that means that you’re you! And then hey! You owe me!” Ace laughed. Terra was shocked at the sound. It was not graveled as she had expected, but soft. “No, that wasn’t me that was Andrew, my brother.” Terra tilted her head to one side, in wonder of where Andrew was now. Ace saw the look on her face, “He got away from the man that attacked us.” Ace looked up at the sky and Terra followed his gaze. “He’s still out there somewhere, human, annoying the poor stands and shops to their wits end.” Terra and Ace laughed.
    Just then Nicholas turned up the volume on the stereo to maximum and yelled “to all those Bloody humans who think was nothing but a creature of pure imagination!” Terra looked at Ace, “Wana Dance?” she asked over the loud music. As the two groups partied on the dawn came closer.