• The Kushala Daora looked about it's domain and found another entrance to the cave. It was not a long way away from the other one and it was big enough for the Kushala Daora to be able to fit inside. It glided down to the hole and looked inside. The hunter was not there. The Kushala Daora looked over the hole to check the distance from the blocked entrance and saw that the hunter, if he was not yet dead should be at the entrance by now. The beast crawled inside and looked around once again. Still no sign of him. Started to crawl back but found that it couldn't. It turned it's head back and saw the hole had collapsed and the hunter was about to cut it's tail.
    I stepped slowly round the great beasts tail and set down some barrel bombs that I had found by a mining spot. Luckily, these were special barrel bombs that did not make a sound. They were made this way so that, when the miners destroyed a part of the cave for ores, the monsters were not alerted. I set one of from a distance and they exploded upwards, towards the upper lip of the cave. The hole was covered, and the beast cornered, so I drew my sword and swung it over my head, but just as I was going to strike it's tail I heard it roar and some stalactites fell from the ceiling. The beast struggled, it new it was the end. I climbed onto it's back, found the weak spot in its scales around the neck of the beast and stabbed with my sword. I drove y sword in to the hilt and wriggled it around. Blood went everywhere, but I kept the sword in it's neck. The beast was trying to use it's claws to hit me but I was out of it's reach. After one final choking, bloody breath, the beast was lifeless. I lifted my arms and head to the ceiling and laughed. I had defeated the Kushala Daora when my instructor couldn't. I returned with the beast's body, which was carried by many people, and I was awarded the prize that I had only ever dreamed of. I was awarded the Hero of Pokke badge.