• ***Kohai's P.O.V.***
    I couldn't believe it! I was here--the place i'd been longing to be part of for years now. It happened differently then i'd expected but i'll take it. I couldn't help but hug my savior. I wanted to do more then thank him--i wanted to repay him with everything i was.
    But not now, now I was too excited. I got up and went to the window, Azuri standing and following me just in case i was trying to escape. But i had no intention of leaving. I gazed out his window down at the bustling city below and gasped. Lights, noise, people who's faces i could now see. It was all so close! I put my fingers to the cold glass as if i could reach out and touch it. Azuri came to my side and gazed down at me, no doubt intrigued by my reactions.
    "Well, happy about it or not you're stuck with me for a while. Can i trust you not to go running out the door or do i have to tie you up tonight?" Azuri arched a doubting brow. I shook my head quickly.
    "I won't run away. I don't have anywhere to run to." I assured. He thought for a second then nodded, scooping me up and bundiling me in his arms. I blushed a little, unfamiliar to even the simplest touches. He then carried me into another room, a cozy small one with a twin bed and musty window. I smiled at the simplicity. He closed the door behind us although it was crooked on its hinge and didn't shut all the way. He then placed me on his bed, kicking off his shoes and sliding his jacket off his shoulders.
    My eyes bulged when i saw his body. It was perfect--flawless--his shirt tight against his skin. On his left arm a swirling tattoo spun from his shoulder to his wrist, black and silver in color. He caught me staring at it and folded up his sleeve, showing it to me. "This is my newer one. Like it?"
    I nodded. He sat beside me. "I doubt you have any tattoos." He said. I laughed and shook my head.
    "No, they don't let people touch me much less p***k me with needles." I said. He reached up and placed his hand on my head. I looked up at it.
    "Huh. I don't see what the big deal is. They think you're gonna die just cause someone touches your head?" He asked.
    I smiled shyly. "No they're mroe worried about people touching me..uh...other places."
    At this Azuri smirked. "Hmm? I've never heard of a little physical contact being dangerous." He said, placing one hand on my shoulder and laying me down. My eyes went wide in surprise. Azuri slid up on the bed beside me, studying my expression with curious eyes. I blushed as hsi hand slid down my side. "Doesnt seem dangerous to me." He said softly.
    I watched his hand roam my silk pajamas, exploring the skin underneath. I'd never been touched like this before--not even close! I was intrigued by how good it felt. At last his hand slid back up my chest to touch the venerable skin of my neck. He then cupped my cheek in his hand, entwining some fingers in the roots of my snowy hair. He smirked again.
    "'s too bad. You seem to like it."
    I blushed like mad and looked at the wall, embarrassed that i'd let him touch me all over. But Azuri didn't try anything more then that. He just laid down as the night grew late, wrapping an arm around me. He pulled me close to him no doubt so he could keep a close eye on me in case i tried to run away. He closed ihs eyes and i cuddled into the soft unfamiliar sheets. "Well, i promise to touch you as much as you want here." Azuri whispered.
    It sounded like he was being sarcastic. But..maybe he wasn't?

    4laugh kyaa first moment of affection~ though i cant belive i wrote this my newer stories are much better... hey i have a few yaoi that also haff plenty of violence and deepness to htem. would anyone be interested in me posting that? if i get no replies i guess not. ty for reading whee