• Wisteria ~ Chapter 2
    The awakening

    Kei automaticly turned away. NO! Why do they have to be here?
    "Fuji-san please spell your name on the chalkboard." Haruka-sensei reached over to Kei and opened her hand. Kei took the chalk piece from Haruka-sensei's hand and spelled out her name Kei with the character "wise", and Fuji with the character for "wisteria".
    "Hey, isn't Kei a guys name?" Some person asked.
    "Yes it is." Haruka-sensei paused, "Anyway, Fuji-san, You can sit ... ah!" She pointed to an empty desk."You can sit there, Next to Katsumi-kun, Isamu-kun, and Jun-kun." Kei followed her finger and gasped with horror. The place to where she was pointing was right next to the twins and the foreigner. Of all of the seats, she picks that one.... Great, just great. Hopefully they won't recognize me. She walked down and sat at the desk. Kei immediatly put her head down and covered her face.
    "Okay class, open up to page 651 in your myth book." Myth book? Kei carefully reached in her desk, and pulled the myth book out, turned to page 651 and felt her heart skip a beat. The title read, 'The legend of vampires'. "Kyuuketsuki, or the vampire, is a type of immortal that feeds on the life essance of others, in the form of drinking blood. The vampires can't walk out in the day, for it would burn, other weaknesses included holy water, garlic, and crosses. Common features of vampires would be black, scarlet, or silver hair. There eyes would be a very bright crimson color." She paused. "However, there are a special group called day-walker vampires." Haruka-sensei stopped when a few students looked confusingly at her, and Kei started to shiver. That's what I am! Day-walkers are...
    "Day-walkers," She continued, "Are a special group of vampires that can walk out in the day time, and have the ability to hide the signature crimson eyes and hair color. That does not exclude them from anything else. They still have the same weaknesses and can still be identified by other means. For example, vampires can't see there own reflection, neither can any one else. If they were to look into a mirror or pond, their reflection would not appear. Even if another person was to look in the same pond with the vampire, he/she could see their own, but not the vampires." She paused and looked at the clock. "Class it's time to go. Tomorrow, we will start to study for the up coming test." Kei got out of her chair accidently locked eyes with the foreigner.
    "Hey! You're that one girl from yestarday!" He yelled. Crap... here we go. "Kei-chan, wasn't it?" -Chan? I don't even know you well!
    "You're right!" One of the twins exclaimed. He smiled, "Kei is a boys name, and you dressed like one yestarday. Do you want me and Isamu to call you Kei-kun!" Kei started to feel very annoyed with him.
    "It's okay, I won't call you that. Kei-chan." That's just as worse, foreigner. "The one who just talked is Katsumi-kun, That one is Isamu-kun." He pointed to them each in turn. "You'll learn how to tell them apart later. My name is Jun!" He smiles, pats Kei on the head, and she freezes. "See you tomorrow." With that, they all walk out the door. ....What was that?! Kei touched the top of her head. She quickly grabbed her school bag and ran home.

    Kei reached her houses steps and climbed them with ease. The door opened with a sigh, and a familiar voice rang out. "I can't take it any more!" That would be Mom.... When Kei walked in she seen her Mom siting on the dining room chair with a glass full of clear scarlet liquid. "These blood supplaments aren't the same! I want to taste some real blood!" She let her head fall back. "Oh, Kei you're home."
    When Kei's Mom wouldn't stop looking at her, she felt uneasy and started to leave. "Hold on, what's that I smell?" Kei froze. "You smell of a mortal, a boy none the less!" Oh, no! When Jun-san patted my head, human scent must of rubbed off onto me! She looked suspiciously at Kei. "I see, you're going to break our promise aren't you!!"
    "What? What promise?" Kei inquired.
    "The promise 'you wouldn't make mortal friends!'" She hissed.
    "... ... I never made such a promise." Kei said sharpely. There, take that.
    "Kei! I command you not to make a mortal friend!" She dictated. "Now go to your room!" Sighing, Kei made her way up the stairs. Now, what am I to do? She looked at her bed then decided to go to sleep.

    "Fuji-san, Fuji-san! ... She won't wake up." A voice whispered. Whhhaaa? I can hear voices....
    "Hold on, let me try." She felt a warm hand on her back. "Kei-chan! Wake up!" That voice, sounds familuar.... "Kei-chan!" She groaned and slowely opened her eyes. The first few seconds where blurry, then it started to focus. Then Kei realized Jun had his hand on her back. She made a suprised meep, and lept out of her chair. I was in class? I don't remember....
    "Kei-chan, are you okay?" Jun asked. I'm just fine foreigner. "Kei-kun~. Are you oka-?" One of the twins asked.
    She turned away and nodded. Kei walked over, slid her chair out, and ploped herself down. The crowed started to disperse when someone brang their attention back to Kei.
    "Hey, Kei-kun, for the all this time that we have known you..." 5 days.... " Me and Isamu-kun have never heard you talk, not even once!" Katsumi observed. She looked down, knowing he was right, Kei was to shy and her mother didn't help. Haruka-sensei walked in and Kei sighed in relief. Saved!
    "Okay class! It's time to begin class. Now please open up your books to page...."
    Class was over when Jun aprouched her. He flashed a peace sign and smiled.
    "Hey, Kei-chan, say something." Jun suggested. No. I will not. He frowned and then cackled. "I won't leave untill you say something." They bolth didn't move a muscle. She glanced at her bag, looked at Jun, and smiled. She dove for it, and darted out the door. She ran for aways and rested her hands on her knees. I hadn't ran that far for ages. I think that will do, hehe, I lost him.... But, fate was not on her side. He was already there, leaning on the brick wall. What? How did he know I was going to run here?
    As if reading her mind he answered, "We've seen you walk to and from school on the same path everyday." He paused. "You are pretty fast for a girl." Crap.... Why me. A movement caught her eye. Jun was walking to a bench and indicated for her to sit. She sighed and plopped her-self next to Jun. A few seconds past when Jun spoke up. "How come you never talk? Are you mute? Is there problems at home?" Bulls-eye! "Do you have a social phobia? Are you shy?" .... This is getting annoying... Anyway, it's starting to get late. The almost full-moon glittering in the sky, and the dark streets illuminated by street-lights.
    Kei got up and was starting to walk away. She heard Jun gasp in pain, and a familure scent entered her mind. She whirled around and saw him grasping his hand. Kei rushed over and got on her knees. She grasped his hand, and froze. Crimson liquid was flowing like a red river. NO!!
    "Kei? Whats wrong?" His blue eyes locked on Kei's face, giving a worried look.
    "... Blood...." Kei moved closer and rested her head on his shoulder. She felt him tense up. "Jun, you're bleeding."
    No!! Don't do it! Please!! Please don't!
    "Hey, you spoke....." Jun muttered. "....." Kei felt a change in her body, her fangs grew painfully, her hair flashed from brown to silver. Her eye color changed to a glaring crimson red. Kei lost the battle. Her head moved close to his nape and she sunk her fangs in.