• Aansa was a girl, and yet a god, and yet a human. She lived in chaos, like all gods and goddesses do at the start of a legend, a myth. Aansa was beautiful with her copperbrown hair, but you couldn't tell because of the darkness. You couldn't tell anyhow because you were dead, killed by Jeanne d'Aansa. After Jeanne had killed all including herself, she had reincarnated two hundred years later, only to be greeted by chaos.
    "I wonder what heaven is like," she murmured. Her voice echoed, and Aansa decided it was something that was not chaos and nothingness.
    "Maybe this aint the humanland. Maybe this is the Devil's side, H***." she decided for herself. She wasn't so sure. And then she saw a copy of the book, Purity Assassin. She opened it and saw everything she had made gone come back. Little did she know it was all a hallucination. Her adventure starts in all the hallucination and all the nothingness.