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  • Artist Info: I am Sakura, I have been engaged since birth to Prince Oura-Sama... One day, while I was still being too lazy- and scared- to greet Oura-sama properly- what, for all I know he could have been an old granny!- a handsome messanger called Aoba-san came to fetch me. I wished Aoba-san was my fiancee instead of Oura-sama. And as it turns out, Aoba is Oura in disguise!!!<br />
    <br />
    And then Aoba kissed me... And then after a day or two my maid Oumi betrayed me and Aoba decided to KILL me all of a sudden, sayiing that I was the bitch who ruined his life! God, I didn't even know him before!!! How could I have ruined his life?
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