• When my parents first announced the news, I glared, crossing my arms. "No."

    Mom looked at me, concerned. "Kairi, sweetie pie, darling," she began. When she starts off by calling me all the pet names in the book, it's bad. "I know you don't want to move, but honey, Daddy's got a new job in Destiny Islands, and well, there's nothing left here, baby." She chewed on her cheek a little, looking like she was thinking of a less lame excuse, but couldn't find any.

    "My childhood is left here!"


    "We've lived here for all my life, and you think I'm going to be fine with this? Just because Dad got a job there doesn't mean that I'm just going let go of Radiant Garden!" My hands were now at my sides, fists trembling. Heat rushed up to my head, and I felt little pricks of tears forming. Oh, great. Why do my tear ducts only decide to work when I'm angry? "Mom, I love it here."

    She winced, and nervously tugged at her fading sandy blonde hair. We just sort of stood there, me silently crying and choking on my tears, and Mom's mouth gaping open on occasion, trying to figure out a comforting, mom-like thing to say.

    I'm not exactly sure how long we stood there, or how many times the pizza-man knocked on our door before Daddy opened it, but I do know that I was exhausted. I guess crying really takes a lot out of you, huh? Anyway, dinner was unusually silent. Daddy plowed through his pizza like usual, but Mom and I picked at ours.

    Moodily prodding at the piece of sausage, Mom finally spoke. "You can't act-"

    "Excuse me."

    "Kairi! Young lady, you get back he-" I didn't hear the last bits, walking as fast as my legs would take me. I swung open the front door, slamming it closed as hard as I could, my hand slightly stinging at the impact. Hopefully that'd convey my feelings about this to their thick heads.

    I hopped down the stairs to our porch. What to do next? I couldn't exactly waltz straight back in without fear of a very long lecture anytime soon, and plain running away was out of the question for me. My feet took me down our driveway, and on the sidewalk. I wandered around the neighborhood, hoping that would clear my mind.

    Alas, when you need your brain to shut down, it likes to work overtime.

    There's nothing left here.

    My tongue ran across my front teeth. Of course things were left here! There was Cloud and Leon, who, I'll admit, didn't really talk or interact with anyone else much, but still. They were everyday life here. There was Rikku, Paine, and Yuna, too. They were always fun, and they did just about any odd job you needed done, presuming you had enough money for the service. Tifa was cool, if not a bit ruckus, Yuffie was the life of the entire neighborhood with her "ninja skills," and Aerith was...nice. I didn't know life without any of them, and it hurt to know I'd have to leave.

    But on the other hand, I never was close to Cloud or Leon. Rikku, Paine, and Yuna sort of got on my nerves with their constant "meetings" right in front of you when you knew they would agree to your offer in the end. Tifa was a little violent for my tastes, Yuffie was the neighborhood drunk (even when she was completely sober), and Aerith really needed to grow a backbone, in my opinion. Their faults seemed to over weigh their strengths for me.

    There's nothing left here.

    Two teardrops plopped on the concrete sidewalk. I guess it was time to move on.

    But that didn't mean it wouldn't hurt.