• In a village far hidden away from human society where people have roamed who knew many secret art's that were statued as the best one day a man named Rai had fallen in love with a young maiden named yuyu they were after a couple of weeks of them meeting and talking to each other Rai had finally made up his mind and decided to as yuyu's hand in marriage,
    another of weeks passed till the marriage was started Rai finally finishing his speech of what he was going to say to yuyu on there date to the bridge in celeste road. Finally after a bragging from his mother he went on and met yuyu waiting for him on the way he looked up to yuyu's glowing face as if he was dreaming and walked with her shyly to the bridge as he was going on they were attacked by orc's and then a figure came out saying to destroy their village,
    Rai defended yuyu taking out his ancient blade he fought the two orc's with all he had but in the end he suffered grave injuries and he was hit toward's the river he lost his concious then awoken by smokes and charcoal smells from the air he remembered his village and his fiancee also his family he ran as fast as he can with the cut injuries on his torso and his shoulder ignoring the fact he was injured he arrived finding out that all of the villagers were attacked and injured and killed without mercy he saw yuyu's father the villages cheif moving with multiple swords and arrow's plowed on his back he crawled over to Rai saying that they took yuyu away and all the other villagers to experiment on their moves,
    Rai angered by their act went out of the forest and landed to an earie opened spaced area with smoke soon surounding it a figure came out a armored figuree with black skin and blue fires surounding its body and the sword that was fabled to be destroyed Rai asked his name and why he attacked the village and took yuyu away the armored suit responded with a silent emptyness then charged for an attack Rai dogded and lunged towards him slicing his back then making a dodging flip back remembering his injury he knew he would not win the fight because of the limitations he had on him the armored suit looked at Rai in surprise and finally spoke to him "if you wanted to find the girl she escaped but we took her memory away so she is of no use but you still are of use so boy why don't you follow me or do you want to do this the hard way eh?" Rai angered by him talking about harming yuyu started changing in his ways his eyes went blank and then lightning started to rumble and try to hit his blade the blade started changing he then started walking toward the armored suit the suit surprised that he is still moving ready's his sword for his finishing move,
    The armored suit comes head straight then disapears and uses a dark aura to try and subdue Rai but Rai was no longer there the sword was the one controlling him now he dogded his attack then sliced the enemy in light fast strokes slicing his unarmored parts the suit laughing saying that he was not done yet disapeared and Rai regained conciousness and followed his illusion to the city that yuyu was supposed to be in named Haji a big city covered with walls looking bigger then the empire itself watching in amazment how the lights glowed and students and engineers working on their battleships and patrol units not knowing what had happened to the village and the smoke that surounded it Rai regaining his cool now was on a search for his loved one the only thing important to him yuyu so he set off down the hill towards haji but still as he was heading down he met travalers and many merchants on the way selling and bargaining for items and supplies,
    Rai fell into a deep memory of him and his village and how he'd hear the talking of the villagers before the attack of his childhood laughing and cheering then a sudden shock came to his brain his eyes blank again remembered what has happened to his father on the day of his birthday and his akward death he remembered that his father went out with him and was attacked by a mysterious masked figure standing high with a black mask and armored clothes torned in the top his blades resembled curves of a moving coyfish but were powerful in attack father didn't stand a chance but in the end he did an amount of damage and told me to run i did but heard a loud shutter from the animals when i walked back i saw his body laying down on the ground blank and pale saying to be strong and never to look back to what has happened i soon held grasp of reality and then continued down the hill towards the outside of the walls bustling with many people yelling and singing happily not know anything such as danger or fear,
    i went into the entranced and then looked for a place to sleep drained from hunger and injurie's i felt i was about to pass out i later saw a house and a shenmue tree by it so then i went to the house it was unoccupied so i started unpacking my things in there and slept all i can think about now is how to look for yuyu and to disguise myself here...... ~to be continued~