• The mission was as meticulously planned as three days would allow. Like he knew she would, Nic had followed through with her part of the deal to a T. She may be an unruly b**** but at least she knew her s***. Everyone who’d played a hand was at least slightly nervous of the fact that their heads were going to roll if something went wrong. In this kind of situation there were always unwanted variables and they really needed more time for everything to go smoothly but Dante insisted it had to be done on New Years.

    What you’re doing at the stroke of midnight on New Years is supposed to be symbolic of what you’re going to be doing for the rest of the year and if that was true, the Genovese would continue their upward climb, using the corpses of burnt and bloodied fallen McNamaras as their step ladder.

    This club had been chosen for many many reasons. For one, it was one of the McNamaras biggest revenue building businesses. It was also in direct competition with the Genovese’ chain of bars, strip joints, and night clubs. Tonight it would be over run with Mccnamaras, packed wall to wall with hundreds of jovial bodies wanting to ring in the new year and very possibly, the immediate family as well. Dante wanted every one of them dead, and they undoubtedly had enough nitro to do it.

    Of course, the Genovese couldn’t lose face. Obviously, if they dropped all their plans for the evening to go view this beautiful spectacle someone would catch on and it could very possibly ruin everything. So that night Dante went on with the plans he’d made with Tessa, though he couldn’t help being a little anxious the whole time. Isabella also was forced to continue with her plans playing hostess at the New Years bash held every year. 2 hours… 1 hour… just a half an hour left when Dante and Iz caved and left out the back with an oblivious Tessa in tow. A bit later, they rolled up in Dante’s black challenger onto the bridge that had been designated as Dominic’s lookout while Dante maintained the illusion of peacefulness. Only 10 minutes to go.

    “We thought you might like some company!” Dante greeted, climbing out of the car with a bottle of champagne in one hand. Izzy emerged out the passenger side with four glasses and Tess came out the backseat. “And what’s New Years without that midnight kiss and some spirits.” He tossed him the bottle as he walked up.

    Catching the bottle easily Dominic smirked. “You just couldn’t stay away could you?” He slid his arm around Izzy’s waist as she came up beside him. “I hope you’ll let me kiss your sister instead of you.”

    “I’ll try to check my aching heart.” He chuckled. Dante stopped at the rail turning toward the club, pulling a cigarette out the pack and lighting it. “Everything’s going according, right?”

    Dominic nodded and the four of them looked down and relaxing before the big show, his eyebrows furrowing as people began to file out of the building. "Wait- what the f***?!" He glanced down at his watch. One minute to go, why were they leaving. "F***!" Dante yelled angrily.

    Dom blinked "What the hell is going on? Should I...." meaning to ask whether or not he should go down and try to pick off some of the escapees.

    "No, there's not enough time. As soon as you'd get down there it'd blow anyway. You can't get that close to it. Whatever. They can't get everyone out."

    He glanced over to watch Izzy hold out a glass for Dom to fill from the bottle. Dom poured a glass, passing it down toward Tessa, then Izzy, Dante, and finally himself. “Come on, we toast. It may not be all of them but we’ll get enough.” Izzy reassured them.

    Tessa, finally comprehending this plan, swallowed thickly as she looked down at the club then took the glass. She bit her lip, "You were going to kill them, by blowing the place up?" she frowned and went back to the car getting in. She was never one for violence. She leaned back against the seat putting the glass on her knee, holding it up as she rested her head back slowly.

    Dante glanced back at the car but he wasn't going to miss this masterpiece trying to coax her out. Looking down at his watch. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... He dropped the cigarette onto the concrete, putting it out with his foot.

    Glancing at the clock that glowed from the dashboard reading that it was just a few moments left, Tessa begrudgingly climbed back out of the car and returned nervously to Dante’s side letting him drape his arm over her shoulders, pulling her against him reassuringly. At the same time, Dom held Izzy close and turned his glass up at his lips. Watching the people still trying to file out of the club but in the hysteria and confusion, the door was all jammed up 5... 4… 3...

    Dante watched intensely, mouthing the words. Two. One. Followed instantly by the most terrifyingly loud explosion the city had ever heard. All screams drowned out as the ground level of the club was blown out and followed instantly by the second story, blown above and below so that not even a single brick would be left in tact. Just as he’d instructed. Even the bridge rumbled dangerously from the force.

    Dominic grinned "Happy new year Dante...we're off to a great start" And turned clicking his glass to Izzy’s before kissing her adoringly.

    Dante smirked, turning his head to Tessa and moving his hand to her jaw to guide her face to his. "Happy New Year, Tess." He wished her in an utterly calm voice despite the mass execution happened below them. Then leaned in, closing the distance between them, to kiss her softly, the kiss becoming passionate in an instant as Tessa fought to drown out the harsh reality.