• I woke up in room with pastel green walls and in a creamy white bed. I sat up and moved my injured leg in the process and I cried out in pain. David hurried inside.
    “What’s wrong?” he asked.
    “My freaking leg that’s what. Is Florina okay?” I asked him, starting to panic.
    “Calm down. She’s alright. I had snuck in from the back of the shrine and when the shrine I grabbed Florina and booked it out of there. When the shine collapsed we had been under a hole in the roof thank the Goddess. If you want to see her, she’s here.” David said.
    “Yes, I do want to see her.” I told him.
    “Florina!” David shouted. My sister poked her head in and came in.
    “Thank you for saving me, sister. I’m so glad you’re alive!” Florina said and gave me a big hug, or the biggest she could manage without disturbing my leg anyway.
    “What time is it?” I asked.
    “Almost noon, why?” David replied.
    “We’ve got to get to the throne room!” I cried out.
    “But your leg-“David protested.
    “My leg will be fine!” I nearly shouted. Before I got up my sister laid a hand above it and my wound stitched up. “Thanks.” I told her. David also waved his hand over my wound and it became pleasantly cold. “Thank you, again.” I told him and got up. It hurt to walk but we needed to get to the palace, fast. I was getting very impatient so I called up a wind and got it to carry us to the palace. When we arrived I freed it and limped as fast as I could to the throne room, my sister and David close behind. When we reached the throne room it was packed. We had made it to the front and Nakasha appeared.
    “I have called you all here today to witness the decrowning of your king and queen. They have both aided Bast in her deeds of evil and I relieve them of their duties. The king started to protest and with a wave of Nakasha’s hand they vanished, to where I have no idea. “In their place,” she continued. “I call their daughter, Jenny, and David Nwanamu to the throne.” I was about to protest but Nakasha spoke to me mentally.
    I promise they will be nothing more than friends and co workers.
    They better be nothing more! I swear if she lays a single hand on him… I told her.
    And I will let you. Jenny has sworn to me that it will be nothing more and I trust her to keep her oath. Of course if she breaks it you can do what you wish with her. Nakasha assured me.
    Good. I told her grumpily and the crowning ceremony started.