• cat_biggrin

    Clover stared at the bodies of her parents in terror, not believing what the other cats had done to them.
    "Help my parents!" she exclaimed with fear, looking at the other cats. "What did you do to them?" She roared.
    All the cats stared at her, whispering to each other. Suddenly, Clover's eyes filled with tears as she helplessly looked all around her. All these strange faces turned into a blur...
    "Please help them! I beg you!" She meowed as she ran to the cat nearest to him.
    "Go away, you heap of crow-food! You're not even from a clan!" The stranger snarled, looking at Clover with disgust.
    She crawled back to her parents; she felt a thousand pairs eyes glaring at her. She sat beside her parents, hoping they would wake up, but nothing happened. Her parents laid motionless dead squirrels, and Clover couldn't believe her eyes. As all the cats lost interest and went back to their camps, it was already dark, and she could barely see anything. She looked at her parents since it could be the last time.
    Clover laid down beside them and whispered, "Goodnight," as she slowly closed her eyes.
    The next day, Clover opened her eyes and discovered a group of vultures over his parents. She stood up. "Go away you stupid birds!" She screeched with anger as her vision blurred. Laying in front of him were two bloody bodies without any sense of life.
    I've lost everything, she thought, my friends, my family, now I'm alone.
    Then, she added with anger. And it's all the clan cats' fault.
    Clover was desperately hungry. She looked around, hoping to see prey. She gasped. There was a mouse moving near her! She instantly stood up and jumped onto it. She couldn't wait to dig in! But, when she revealed what was supposed to be a piece of prey, there was a dead leaf.
    I mistook a leaf for a mouse! Clover thought miserably, I must really be hungry!
    A cat appeared from Clover's shadow. "You seem alone. What's a young rogue doing in our territory?"
    "My parents are dead." Snarled Clover. "Your cats killed them."
    "I would never do that! Do you want to join my clan?" The cat asked.
    Clover looked up. It was a blue-gray tom with dark blue eyes.
    "Who are you?" She asked.
    "I'm Rainstar, leader of the LightClan. Pleasure to meet you." Rainstar answered.
    "I'm Clover." She mewed nervously.
    "Here," Rainstar meowed softly, "Let me show you my clan."
    Rainstar and Clover padded until they reached a bunch of bushes blocking their way.
    "Let me show you." Rainstar whispered.
    He then used his paw to move the bush, behind that was a lot of cats.
    "LightClan, this is our new friend!!" Rainstar exclaimed.
    Every cat gathered to see the little rogue.