• Moonscar yowled in pain as two large toms leapt upon her, one raking his claws down her flank while the other bit deeply into her hind leg. Angrily she twisted around and battered one tom away, knocking him stunned to the ground. She then turned on the other cat, digging her claws into her opponent’s nose.
    The tom let out a shriek of pain, and Moonscar felt the grim satisfaction of warm blood dripping off her claws. She sprung onto the weakened cats back and dug her teeth into the base of his neck. Terrified the tom shook her off and ran into the safety of the undergrowth, a trail of blood following his footsteps.
    Moonscar spat fur out of her mouth and turned just in time to see the other tom charging straight for her. She jumped nimbly out of the way while the other cat clumsily barreled past her. There was nothing but bloodlust in the other cat’s eyes as he circled around her. Moonscar hissed and arched her back as he took a step towards her. “I don’t think so,” she growled. He snarled at her, his ears flat against his head and his eyes glowing with blue fire.
    “Such confidence is bad for apprentices who know no limits, clan cat,”
    Suddenly he leapt at her, his claws outstretched. Moonscar took a deep breath and launched upward, barreling the cat in midair. The cat slammed back down to earth and didn’t get back up, he was defeated. “I’m no apprentice rogue,” Moonscar whispered into the cat’s ear as he lay there helpless, “I am a Warrior,”
    Moonscar let out a yowl of triumph and turned away from the tom to examine the battle scene. All around her were screeching cats and Moonscar could hardly make out her warriors. Firefall and Nightfur were battling side by side against three fierce rogues. Novaheart was battling it out with a scary looking she-cat…and winning by the looks of it. Silvercloud was with Blackfire, helping her battle two large toms. And Brightsoul was watching alertly from the bushes, her fur fluffed out as she waited to bring injured cats off the battlefield.
    But Moonscar’s heart leapt into her throat…where was Fang? She looked around frantically when suddenly she saw him battling out two cats at once, his scars glistening a silver pinkish color in the moonlight. Moonscar charged to go help him, tackling one large tom and knocking him to the ground. Fang circled around a large she-cat, ready to slice her throat if she attacked. Moonscar joined him, glancing at him and giving him a mischievous grin before focusing her attention back to the she-cat. “Bring it on you filthy rogue!” she snarled at the cat. Fang’s intense brown eyes were unsure as her looked at her but he shook it off and hissed at the cat as she came forward.
    Suddenly, a flash of fur streaked past her and pain ran up her back as a cat rammed into her. Her vision swam as her head slammed into the ground from the impact. She struggled to stand. But as soon as she stood, another cat sprung on her. Faintly she saw Fang battling off three other cats, trying to fend them off. Two more cats toppled on her, burying her in a furry mass. “Moonscar!” she heard someone yowl.
    She let out a furious growl but she couldn’t move…there were too many cats. The pressing weight and the clawing cats tore at her, and pain convulsed her body. Her vision began to dim as she realized she couldn’t breathe. But then the heavy weight on her lifted and she could breathe again. Vaguely she saw Firefall and Fang literally throwing cats off of her. Soon Moonscar could stand, Brightsoul and Firefall helping her up. “Are you okay?” Brightsoul asked in her soft voice, scanning her fur for any injuries.
    “More importantly,” Firefall questioned, pausing to bat one cat away from their little group, “Can you fight?” In a flash, Blackfire, Nightfur, Fang, and Novaheart were with them, circling them in a protective circle.
    “Yeah I can,” Moonscar sighed. “Just tell me one thing,” She turned to the whole group,
    “Moonscar this really isn’t the time!” Nightfur exclaimed.
    “Yes it is,” she paused, “Are we going to make it through this?”
    In a flash they were surrounded by a group of snarling, hissing cats. Silvercloud swatted at a young tom close enough to their group, while Fang swiped at anything that got close to them.
    Moonscar was at a loss. Her clan was losing. Despair pulled at her fur. Hawkstar where ARE you?!