• PART 7:

    ''I will make you a deal, eh?'' The thing began with a satisfyed look on its oddly familar face. ''Fine! What do you want?!'' I screamed over the insane pounding comeing from the wall behind me. Doman was going crazy. ''Get rid of Renten! I want you to tell him you stoped bein haunted by me! He will stop building and I can complet my purpose!'' It mused from accross the room. ''Never!'' I hissed. ''Oh, really now?'' It asked with a smug look on its face. ''Then look at this and see if you will agree then.'' It bellowed from accros the room. Before I could say anything I was inches away from me in a flash. It had its cold hand pressed to my head and I gasped in horror. The things I saw were so disturbin that I almost collasped. What I saw was, a blonde flash that was mirroring a dark brow flash. Behind the two was a single trail of blood. The figures were moving so fast I couldnt tell who or what they were. I heard a growel and hiss from the two figures. They suddenly stoped and I could clearly see who they were. At that moment tears ran down my face like a silent water fall. I saw Ghost, crouched in a animal like position with his teeth bared. He was makeing meanecing noises that sounded like threats in another subtle languge. The I looked to Eric, he was panting and hunched over. Eric was practicly roaring. My heart broke into peices when I saw this. Eric was missing something that was important. His left arm was gone and bleeding mass amounts of blood. He finaly groaned and droped to his knees then fell face down on the ground. All I saw after that was Ghost creeping to what seemed like Erics lifeless body. I slaped the cold hand away before I could see anything eles. ''You monster!'' I sobbed. ''I can keep Eric alive for the next 5 mins, that is, if you call Renten and tell him to end this!'' It tapped its foot imaptently. ''Fine.'' I cried frustratedly. I pick up the phone and dailed the number.

    ''Hello?'' I heard a familiar voice from the tiny phone speaker. ''Hey, it's Savannah. I just called to say I stoped haveing those weird dreams!'' I faked. ''Oh thats wounderful! How did you do it?'' The exited voice pressed. ''I dont know, they just stoped!'' I said sadly. ''Well congratulations! I'm terribly busy I have to go. Bye now!'' I heard the frantic voice say, then a hang up click. ''The deed is done.'' I said angrily. I hurled the phone with half of my force at the thing. ''Well, well someone has a temper'' It snaped. The phone hit the wall, apparently I had more strength then I predicted. I glared at the phone shaped hole in the wall. The pounding stoped immedietly. I rushed out the door ignoring what the thing was trying to say. The house was a mess. I found Doman on his bed looking like nothing happened. I sighed with relife and remembered something important. I made a mad dash back to my room and yelled for the ting to come out of hideing. Sure enough It came out in a place that would scare the crap out of anyone. It popped its head out of the chandelere and laughed crazily. ''Mayyy I help you with anything?!'' I almost sang. ''Get down here!'' I yelled. The thing had a scared look on its face for a fraction of a second then it went smooth again. I grabed its hand and pressed it so my forhead, I saw Ghost mumbeling apoligies to Erics limp, bloody body as he made repairs to it. I sighed in relife again, Ghost was the smartest person I know so Eric will probably come back almost perfect. ''Get out now.'' I hissed at the most familiar face. I heard Its crazy luagh as I dissapeared.

    Later that day:
    After the house was cleaned by Doman, he was still saying sorry over and over again. I always told him that it wasnt his fault. I was fliping through the channels, half listening to Domans mumbleing about how sorry he was. Then my full attention was on him for no reason. It just seemed like his words were more dramatic and magnifyed. ''Big Cat?'' he asked innocently. ''Doman! Im not mad at you, but I will be if you say sorry one more time!'' I breathed. ''It's not that.. I invited a friend over.. I want you two to meet eachother. The both of you seem absolutely perfect for eachother.'' He mumbled that I was barely able to hear. I gasped in shock, ''When is she comeing?!'' I demanded. ''Erm two things.. One it's a he and two.. in like an hour.'' He studdered on the last part. My eyes went huge. I ran upstairs and got ready becuase I looked a mess. After about an hour and fif-teen minutes thee most beautiful boy I have ever seen was at my door. ''Hi, my name is....'' The surprise visitor started.

    To be continued....