• Pressured by the overwhelming debt that the GRS had informed them of, Ian and Rufus did whatever they could to earn the gold to pay it off. Even with the generous donations from Gaians far and wide, they still were going to end up short. So, in a desperate attempt to gain the last bit needed, Rufus agreed to take part in several experiments at the newly renovated G-Corp, without Ian's knowledge. The first few experiments were fairly trivial; blood tests, a few different intelligent tests, and even a psychiatric profile. As such Rufus was not all that concerned when G-corp informed him that they wanted him to test-run a new drug they had created, and that he took it they would pay off the rest of the shops debt. Agreeing, Rufus quickly fell unconscious once the serum was administered.

    Upon waking, Rufus was in for a terrible shock; his front paws hands, his hind paws now feet. He no longer was covered in his blue-grey fur, but was covered in light peach skin. He had turned into a human. Jumping in fright, Rufus saw that not all of his catty traits were gone as his tail waved by his face. He could also feel that he had not one, but two sets of ears(one human, and one his own).

    Not too long after waking, several of G-Corps labtechs inform Rufus that they dont intend of letting him go, and that the serem was actually one that was intended to change non-humans completely human, and was to be an upgrade of sorts of the treatment Ian receives.

    A day or two latter, after searching high and low for his feline friend, Ian, with the help of his friends, discovered Rufus's actions and goes to G-Corp to save him from the whitecoats. As you can imagine, their reaction to finding Rufus turned into a 'furry' was quite shocked and comical. After the initial shock, Rufus and Ian have a tearful reunion before Ian lends Rufus his pants( the technicians didnt seem to see the need to give Rufus any clothing), and the group escapes G-corp with little trouble.

    Returning to the Shop and giving Rufus some proper clothing, Ian scolds him and Rufus tells Ian and the group that (hopefully) the serum was only temporary, just like the one that Ian periodically takes. All they needed to do was wait it off. Satisfied but still a bit concerned, the group accepts that and returns to the other major issue at hand; raising money to pay off their debts.

    Now, Rufus is enjoying his time as a human as much as he can, while doing his part to raise money for the debts in a more 'safe' way.

    Rufus hasnt gotten the hang of shoes, btw.