• The year 3457 in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog, life was good, the world was in peace. Until the inevitable fate that befalls all mortals, sonic had died. Then a new evil emerged. Everyone on the earth was enslaved. All but one, Shadow the hedgehog. He has hidden in a secret under ground lab were he has been conducting secret and up-most important research. He realized that he can’t beat them alone. Only with the help of sonic could he hope to free the planet of the evil that has befallen. But sonic was gone. How was Shadow suppose end this evil. For years shadow has been in his lab creating a new ultimate life form to aid him in his quest to save the world and cleans it of its darkness……

    Shadow: (log/documenting) I have put in traits of sonic and myself now to bring him to life. To do so, I shall use the power of the chaos emeralds.
    *bubbling* *beastly screaming and banging*
    Shadow: What?! Damn, the power of the emeralds were too great! His power is too uncontrollable and unstable! That tube wont hold for long. grrr he is growing stronger by the second! The dark forces will sense it soon if I don’t do any thing to suppress it… THAT'S IT! Its a long shot, there pretty old but its the only chance I’ve got. My power suppressors might just calm him down enough.
    *releases a gas in the tube*
    Shadow: That should knock him out for a minute or two, but I need to work fast.
    *opens tube/takes off power suppressers/puts them on his creation*
    Shadow: There, it seems it worked but he is unconscious.
    (one week later)
    Shadow: It’s almost complete, and….. there that should do it. Now I just have to wait for him to receive the power. Hmmm.., Oh I still need to give him a name lets see…
    Shadow: That’s it I’ll, name him Ranks.
    Shadow: NO! The dark forces have found me! He’s not fully complete yet. Looks like I have no choice. I need to send him to a different time.
    *types on a keyboard/giant circle gate comes through a wall*
    Shadow: There now to enter the date April 6th 2009.
    *presses enter key/ tube launches in to the portal*
    Shadow: Now only one more thing to do.
    *presses button on back of keyboard*
    Shadow: Good, now I just need to make my escape..
    ???????: Not so fast shadow
    *soldiers grab and restrain shadow*
    ???????: Shadow, Shadow, Shadow, I’m disappointed with you. I thought you left this planet and returned to the ark?
    Shadow: Ha! What a joke, you think I would sit back while scum like you roam the planet causing chaos and destruction?
    ???????: Oh well Shadow, I gave you fare warning on our last encounter.
    *snaps fingers*
    ???????: Take our “friend” Shadow to the torcher chambers.
    Shadow: Torcher? HA! What do you hope to accomplish by torchering me?
    ???????: We know you have been working on something down here. You make it to obvious. You wont come clean if we ask you nicely but at the same time I’m willing to give you one chance. What da ya say?
    Shadow: Well then out with it.
    ???????: In all this time you’ve spent down here all alone I cant help but wonder what it is you’ve been doing. So I ask you, what have you been working on and were is it now? And don’t take me for a fool. I know you’re hiding something from me.
    Shadow: HA! you‘ll never know.
    ???????: I figured as much. *sigh* Men take him away
    Shadow in thought: well at least he got away. He will end this, I just know he will. Ranks.. you have my up most faith. Good luck...my son

    *meanwhile year 2009*
    *a figure falls from the sky and lands in a lake*
    * a man jumps in the water and saves the being*
    Ranks:*cough* where am I?
    Man: You’re in Massachusetts my boy, you had quite a fall. Were u sky diving or something…..eh…um....naked?
    Ranks: I Don’t remember, in fact I don’t remember anything.
    Man: Nothing? not even your name?
    Ranks: no nothing at all.
    *as the man helps ranks up he sees something out of the corner of his eye*
    Man: Hey there’s something written on one of your wrist bands. *reads* It says this is Ranks he is the only h...the rest is washed away from the water, but at least we know your name is Ranks. My name is John, and this is my wife Amber.
    Ranks: um, hi John, hello Amber.
    *sways a little from side to side*
    Ranks: Umm if you don't mind I'm going to pass out now.
    *passes out*
    John: Amber help me out here, were going to take him home.
    Amber: Alright honey I‘ll get a bed ready as well.
    *several hours later*
    *Ranks wakes up startled*
    Ranks: oh great were am I now?
    John: We brought you into our home so you can get your strength up. Amber has practically called the whole world looking for your parents, but its no use. No one seems to have a file or any record of you. So if you want, i was wondering, if you would like to stay here with us and be our son. Me and my wife have tried to have a child but its never quite worked out for us. We’ve been thinking about adoption and we talked it over while you were sleeping.
    Ranks: I don’t know, I mean it will be hard to pass up living on the street, sleeping in a trash can begging for money and fighting old people for a piece of meat. Are you crazy?! Of course I’ll be more than willing to live with you.
    John: Great! We will buy you some cloths and some of those video games that you kids always play. We will also start you in a school. Of course, that’s assuming that you need it.
    Ranks: School? That sounds fun sure I’ll get started right away.
    (one month later)
    Ranks: I hate school!!!
    John: Calm down and tell me what happened?
    Ranks: Well first, every one started calling me rank and every one acts like I smell like I was dipped in a vat of trash*tm*. Plus the teachers and lessons are boring. I had to punch myself in the groin to stay awake, and for some reason I know every thing there teaching already. So what’s the point?
    John: Well you can always drop out, but you wont have such a good life if you don't finish high school.
    Ranks: I guess your right, oh well. Its only four years ill manage.
    John: That’s my boy!
    (3 years later(summer vacation))
    John: Are you sure you want to go? It’s pretty far away?
    Ranks: Don’t worry dad, I’ll be fine. Besides, I haven’t seen grandma in forever. I’ll be back by Augusts end. Excuse me, by the end of August. That’s what I meant to say.
    John: Ok, but write me alright.
    Ranks: Alright. I’ll send you a post card from California. Bye dad.
    John: Bye ranks, I’ll see you later.
    Ranks: Bye mom.
    Amber: I love you honey.
    *plane takes off*
    ???????: Excuse me do you know anyone by the name ranks?
    John: Oh yes, he’s my son why?
    ???????: Well I need to have a talk with you..
    *shows an evil smile*
    (the end of august)
    Ranks: Man I can’t wait to be home again.
    *arrives at town (destroyed)*
    Ranks:....no what happened!? every thing is in ruin, every ones dea…..(Screams) MOM DAD!!!!!!!!!
    *bolts home*
    Ranks: No, no, no, there all dead mom dad, dead. There all dead.
    *falls to his knees in the puddle of his parents blood*
    Ranks: Who did this? WHO DID THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *rings on his wrists shatter and is surrounded in dark power and electricity*
    Dark Ranks: I’M GOING TO FIND AND KILL WHO EVER DID THIS!! THEY ALL WILL PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE!!(starts to chuckle and goes to an evil laugh) MUHAHAHMUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA *meanwhile in a place unknown*
    ?????: (thinking) Hmm!? what is this power I sense?
    *back to where Ranks discovered his dead family*
    *Ranks awakes several hours later in a huge crater that used to be Massachusetts*
    Ranks: Uhhh… were am I?
    Ranks: Were did this crater come from?
    *has flash back*
    Ranks: D..did I do this?…(growls) AHHH!!
    *punches the ground/BOOM*
    Ranks: What the?! All I did was punch the ground. Maybe some how I’m super strong now and..
    *gets up runs*
    Ranks(continued)..am i in New York!? I must be super fast too! I wonder what else I can do.
    *montage of ranks learning his abilities*
    Ranks: Wow I can do so much now....oh! I need to start my senior year of school.
    *dashes and applies to a near by school*
    *middle of year*
    Ranks: aww man, I’m late for school!
    Ranks in thought: Man I wish I could use my speed but then someone would get suspicious.
    *crash/bumps into someone on the way to school*
    Ranks: Oh I’m so sorry, are you okay let me help you up.
    *pulls girl to her feet*
    Amy(looking at her feet): Oh it’s okay I’m not hurt just a little...
    *looks up at ranks/blushes*
    Amy: (stuttering) Um, um, um….
    Ranks: What’s the matter?
    Amy in thought: oh my god he is sooo cute okay pull it together girl act natural.
    Amy: Um hi, my names Amy. Amy Rose.
    Ranks: Hi my names ranks. I haven’t seen you around before.
    Amy: Oh I must be in a different cluster than you.
    Ranks: Probably, oh well mind if I walk you to school?
    Amy:*face turns bright red* Um sure okay.
    Ranks: Great! We better hurry up though or we'll miss the first bell.
    Amy: Oh um.. right.
    *Amy and ranks walk t school*
    Ranks: Man today was a drag.
    *looks over*
    Ranks thinking: Hey, its Amy who are all those guys..what there! beating her up!. (Growls) *small crack forms on rings*
    *bolts over there and upper cuts big guy 1*
    Amy: ranks?!
    Ranks: Don’t worry Amy, I'll protect you.
    Big guy2: We'll see about that.
    Ranks: Oh there is much to see and you have front row tickets.
    *disappears and takes out every guy one by one*
    Ranks: And stay down or I wont hold back any more!
    Amy in thought: oh my god! how did he do that!?
    *turns to Amy*
    Ranks: Are you okay?
    Amy: Yes I’m fine. They only hit me once or twice before you came.
    Ranks: That’s good I was worried for minuet. So ya mind if I walk you home?
    Amy: Oh yes that would be wonderful.
    *lifts up his arm*
    Ranks: shall we?
    Amy: *giggles/grabs his arm*
    *ranks and Amy hang out all the time from that day on a month later ranks and Amy became very close and started dating.*
    (second date)
    Amy: That fair was fun!
    Ranks: You know it. That was a sweet roller coaster.
    *hears sirens*
    Ranks: What’s going on?
    Amy: Oh god, look a huge fire has just broken out in that building.
    Ranks: Amy, stay here
    *runs toward the building*
    Amy: Be careful!
    *ranks runs to building and passed a hooded figure*
    Lady: (crying for help) Somebody help! My sons still in there!
    *ranks runs into the building*
    Firemen: Is that kid crazy?!
    *every one looks with fear and anxiousness*
    *every one screams*
    Amy: Noooo ranks!!
    Man: wait look!
    *BOOM/ranks smashed through the window and lands on the street*
    Ranks: Maim here’s your son not a scratch on him. (chuckles a little with confidence)
    Lady:*hugs ranks*(in tears) God bless you god bless you.
    Ranks: Just doing my part.
    *a local news crew rushes to ranks*
    News reporter: Young man were here with fox 25 news we were wondering if you would be wiling to do a quick interview.
    Ranks: Sure why not.
    News reporter: How could you pull off such a stunt without hesitation and without a scratch on you?
    Ranks:*sigh* I guess I cant hide the truth any longer. (Shouting) People! I am ranks. I have super human abilities with the likes that no one could comprehend. I have been hiding these powers for far too long. And now is the time to open up to all of you. I will use my power to protect all of New York and its people!
    *pulls out kunai knife and slices palm*
    Ranks: Upon this wound, I make an oath of pain, that I, Ranks, will protect the innocent and punish evil! So from this point I make myself know and warn all evil that lurks in the shadows, you’ve met your match!*tm*
    *crowd cheers/ then ranks swoops up amy and takes her home*
    (for several months ranks has fulfilled his oath and New York has been crime free ever since...until one day.
    * ranks hears a disturbance in the town square and goes to investigate*
    Ranks: Huh? Nothing seems to be amiss here.
    *ranks get kicked from behind and crashes into a building*
    Ranks: ugh. what the..
    ???????: So your ranks, you seem weaker in person.
    Ranks: (growls)
    *jumps off building to face his foe*
    Ranks: Who the hell are you?
    Nails: I am Nails. The ultimate life form. I have been sent to here to this time and dimension to destroy you.
    Ranks: Ha! Good luck with that, I could take you but I'll have to got home and grab my hammer
    Nails: You’re quite the smart mouth aren’t you?
    *punches ranks into a fountain*
    *wipes blood from mouth*
    Ranks: So that’s how you want to play huh? Fine.
    *dashes at nails and punches him several times then kicks him into a blimp*
    (ranks and nails go at it for several moments)
    Ranks: That’s it, I’ve had enough!
    (ranks thoughts: I hope I can sustain the transformation long enough)
    *rings glow white then ranks is surrounded by light power/hair turns white and goes up/summons Aronburn*rank's sword*
    Ranks: This ends now!
    Nails: Mwahahahahahahahahahaha! You fool.
    *gets surrounded in silver energy/hair turns gray/summons aroendaite(nails sword)*
    Nails: Your the one who’s finished
    *strikes ranks down*
    Nails: I could kill you right this second but that would be no fun. So ill do this instead
    *stabs ranks with his sword and zaps ranks with cursed energy*
    Nails: hahaha!! This curse will kill you in one hour good luck. Hahahaha.
    *flies off*
    Ranks: grrr, what can I do? I have to think fast....that’s it
    *puts his ring in the wound and zaps himself with light energy*
    *breaths heavy*
    Ranks: I stopped it but the marks are still on me which means the curse is still in me. But at least its not lethal for the time being. It feels like its starting to. Man the marks are all over the bottom half of my face let me think........I’ve got it!
    *makes a face mask out of light energy*
    Ranks: There now the light will keep the curse stable and no one will see the marks. Now to think of more serious matters like who is nails, and how do I defeat him?
    (after that ranks spent all his time looking for a way to power himself up when he stumbled upon an old book)
    Ranks: This book says there is an ancient temple in the middle of the ocean that is home to the mystical chaos emerald. It’s said to hold the most power in the universe. That’s it, I have to get my hands on those emeralds.
    (ranks searches the ocean for the temple for a month then he finds it only to discover from an old monk, that the emeralds have been scattered all over the world and they only had one left in protection. so Ranks took the one the monks had there.)
    Monk: The second emerald resides in an eastern forest in Africa.
    *he searches for hours but finds nothing until he stumbles upon a destroyed village. Completely leveled with no signs of life. Just ruble.*
    * within the carnage he saw a figure*
    *Figure turns to ranks with a slight sneer*
    ?????: I’ve been searching for you.........