• I am a man. I am a killer. This is my story.

    Its been a year since that incident involving my family. A year too long. I needed revenge. Needed it like fire needs oxygen. I threw open the wardrobe, finding my suit and tie. The gun tucked away in the confines of the coat, I left my home, never to return. Instead, a new man would return, a man with no burdens. All sin would be vanquished. Revenge was mine.

    I couldn't go after the man right away. No, that would be insane. A suicide mission would only make him happier. No, I had to gather people. People who hated that damn man just as much as myself. The only problems with this would be locating them. However I had a man in mind. He doesnt miss anything, and he was gonna provide me with a list. That, or he pays with the ultimate sacrifice.

    I pulled up to a run-down house. The only sounds were dogs barking, the crows, and the rusty fence swaying to and fro in the autumn wind.