• For a moment I felt a cold wind
    Not knowing what it was
    I stepped forward
    and opened my eyes
    and there it was
    the entrance to hell

    There was a huge iron door
    with the word "Destiny" inscripted in it
    The door creeked opened
    and flames bursted out
    This is an awful place.

    I did not wanted to go in
    but I wanted to see
    how hell,it would be
    during my eternal sleep

    I slowly walked inside
    The skies were black and flames were all over
    I could hear the ecos of screams and plees.
    I could hear my name blow with the wind
    It was a sea of miseries

    I ran across that terrible sight
    To the sunless horizon
    When I got there...
    I couldn't believe my eyes

    Demons and souls all over the place
    Needing help but no one to ask
    Spirits and gouls
    Goblins and vampires
    gargulas and monsters
    Halloween,it would seem

    One demon came across me.
    He was holding a severed human head.
    Behind that demon,walked a headless body
    It wasn't surprising
    The human who owned that head
    must've probably sold his soul to that demon

    I kept on walking
    not knowing the danger that lied ahead
    And suddenly I wondered...
    "Where is Satan?"
    Where is he in all this?

    A tick fog covered my feet
    It was getting cold...
    Hell may be fire and flame...
    But it's also a place filled with cold hearts
    I felt a light spark of chill in my chest
    My sins weren't overlooked in this kind of place

    This boy aproached me
    He had the apearance of a fourteen year old
    His skin was pale and he had no clothes
    He had black straight hair
    His eyes had a thick black line around them
    as if he hadn't slept in ages
    He was fairly tall but his back was curved
    so it seemed he was looking up at me

    He stared at me with his big black eyes.
    "Give me a soul..." He said.
    "Give me a heart..." He said.
    "Give me freedom..." He said.
    He then fell on his knees and grabbed my legs and hugged them.
    His touch was cold as if he had been in airconditioner all of this time

    The only thing I could do was cry.
    One of my tears fell on his shoulder and a spot on his skin got color.
    I kneeled down to his height and cried
    My tears fell on him and his skin got color
    The black lines under his eyes disapeared
    He stood up and so did I
    He wiped away the tears from my face and hugged me
    His touch was now warm
    God,bless that child

    "Thank you very much" He whispered.
    His skin began to glow and so did his eyes
    He was fading away
    It seems as if he was in hell by mistake
    As if he was forced to go to hell
    and lost his heart and soul in the making
    I was glad to return him freedom...
    just as he deserved

    This small incident called the attention
    and many people who had sold there souls to a demon
    were gathering around me
    All of them pleeing my name for salvation
    They all stretched there hands towards me
    I was getting scared
    When this man came across me
    and repreheands them from there madness

    All of them fled at her sight
    He turned around to face me
    "Forgive the incomvenience"
    I did not respond
    "Come with me..."
    I fallowed him to where ever he was taking me
    This was an awful place

    I was walking behind him
    He wore a white suit
    His hair was black and he had a tired look
    His nails were black
    and he had a deep voice
    He had the apearance of a forty year old man
    but we all know that things in hell are older then what they seem

    Minutes later I was standing before an empty throne
    No one was around except the man and me
    That man sat on the throne
    Some dark angels brought,what it seemed,a crystal bottle filled with blood
    A crystal cup was placed before him and they poured the blood into it.
    He slowly drank the blood

    When he finished,he looked at me with his tired eyes
    "Welcome,my dear" He said with his deep voice
    "I've been expecting you..."
    "Me?" I asked.He gave an evil grin
    "Yes you..." I got scared

    "Do you know God?" He asked me
    "He's a terrible guy,isn't he?Putting laws and stuff...Pfft!"
    "Laws are for a good cause" I replied
    "But without them life is sweeter...I hate laws.That's why I don't have them"
    "Why don't you stay here a little longer?"
    "Longer?" I asked
    "I don't know,like...a long eternity"
    "...NEVER!!!" Lucifer got mad. "I live for God.And you and your sick lies won't change anything!!!"
    I ran out of room and out of the castle.
    I ran and I ran
    I wasn't getting anywhere

    When I got tired
    I fell on my knees
    I began to cry
    and regret the me coming here

    Suddenly,I felt a warm touch on my shoulder
    I looked up and saw the boy I had helped before
    "I came back for you..." He pulled my hand.
    A hole opened up in that black sky
    and light came in
    We drifted away into the light

    When I opened my eyes
    It hurt.It was too bright
    but when my eyes got used to the light
    I saw a golden door
    with the words "True Destiny" inscripted
    The gate opened up.
    "I want to show you what I've seen so far"
    "Wait,why did you come back?" I asked
    "You saved me...I know how hell is.I've been there for six centuries."
    When I stepped inside,some angels poured warm water on me.
    Washing my sins away.
    It seemed as a neighborhood.
    There were children playing
    infront of the golden mansions.
    The bushes there were decorated with runes and diamonds.
    The sun was shining bright
    and there was a smile in every face.
    We walked down the path and saw
    a tall looking man sitting in a hill
    telling stories to young children
    I came close to this man and he smiled at me.
    "Hello." He said with a kind voice.
    "I'm Jesus.I've been expecting your arrival."
    I said nothing because
    what was there to say?
    I was there before I knew it
    and only God knows why.