• Kamden sighed and continued to walk though his body said to give up. He was exhausted. He had been walking all day and had battled the horrors in the night, Limics, a type of creature who craved for blood of humans and would stop at nothing to drink the blood. He thought of his baby brother and felt guilty. Guilty that he had told his brother, Lucas, to go on a stroll in the dark woods. He blamed himself for not being with his brother. Kamden remembered hearing his brother's scream and running 'til he found Lucas's broken, torn body. cry Claw marks on him, his clothes slahed, and the Limic that was still drinKing his blood. Kamden immediatly put the thoughts to rest when he heard someone scream. He ran with his sword clanging on his side, which already had a bruise from fighting Rameo, his rivel/enemy/cousin. He ran and soon saw a commotion and saw a girl lying on the ground gasping for air, she was pretty, Kamden observed. He bent down next to her and quickly saw the dark oozing blood from a knife wound. He looked around and saw a boy about his age walking away. To any normal person it would seem normal but to him it was his cousin. "Attack innocent girls. You must be one hell of a coward to steep that low," Kamden yelled, his anger fuming. His cousin turned and Kamden was taken aback. His cousin's bright blue eyes were a bright red and he was crying. Very unnatural. <Kamden, Don't take it bad. Don't pity me, please, I've been attacked by the virtuous creature Severent. Its turning me.> Rameo sent him some images from thought speech (the only thing a half demon could do) Kamden cringed and fought his cousin out of his head. Kamden's energy was getting snapped and soon he couldn't muster the energy to keep his head up. People started helping him and carried him some ways before he passed out. The girl's image remained in his head.
    "Sweetie, wake up." a far away voice cried soothingly
    "Wake up" said another voice, mush closer this time.
    Kamden struggled to find reality again. He wanted to rid his head of the dreams, the nightmares, about all he had seen. All that he had lost. He managed to flutter his eyes open and groaned. He immediatly saw blurry images hovering over him.
    "Whats your name kid?"
    He mumbled some uncoherently.
    He heard lughter and then, "He talks like thy drunken brother on a hangover."
    It was sorta how Kamden felt. "My name's Kamden Wolf."
    "The only survivor of the Wolf clan?"asked many voices.
    "No, there is another but he is a half demon."
    "So are you,"
    "What do you mean?" he questioned and sat up and shook his head and his eyes saw clearer then before. A woman held up a mirror and Kamden screamed. The the thing was so evil looking! His eyes which were normally dark were black pits leading straight to hell. His mouth had sharp fangs and his tongue was snake-like. His dark wavy hair was still the same though, maybe darker. He looked at his hands, and cried out in angquish at the sharp claws. He jumped out of the cot he was laying in and screamed as he saw how agile he had become. His fear blinded him and he was about to go into a frenzy when a melodic voiced whispered in his pointy ear, /Don't do it!/ He turned around dazed by the voice. "Aww he likes Raven, the half demon. That's a boy for yer there!"
    Laughter followed but Kamden could only focus on the girl they called Raven. Her straight black hair covered her elfish ears and he understood. She was a demon child. He stared at her and she stared at him but her eyes pierced his soul. It was like they were reading each other's souls. She snapped and the spell broke.
    /I will take care of him, and train him not to hurt anybody except criminals./
    "You must be a criminal," he whispered, not knowing he ws saying anything, "Because your making me bad." Silence they stared at him, not for what he had said, but because he had said something with his mouth not his mind or somebody else. Which never happened. Bile rose in his throat and he broke the silence by coughing up blood.
    /Get a bucket NOW!/
    The girl made him sit up against a wall while someone held a bucket by his mouth. She thought to him, /Its alright. This will hurt but it will be over soon./
    Then with a quick movement she punched his stonmach, he spurted up blood and slumped over. She pressed her hand to his forehead and then realized what had happened, what was still happening. He was still changing and he already had powers beyond the regular demons.