• In a shallow world where being beautiful was the standard, Jenn Potsworth was not left out. She was incredibly beautiful, and people loved her throughout the land. But they never loved her for her kindness and thoughtfulness, but for her beauty, and that only.
    One day, when Jenn was out at a resteraunt, she saw, along with everyone else, on the TV that a factory was going to blow up the entire town unless one person went in and blew up just one room, with themselves inside it, preferably someone ugly. To sacrifice themselves. Panic filled the air as people frantically pointed to each other, trying to find out if anyone was ugly. Jenn stared into her glass of water, and left to go to the bathroom. She paused before completely deciding to wash her face, all the glorious beauty away.
    She removed a paint brush from her bag and began to paint her face, until she was completely ugly. No trace of beauty shown through her disproportionate eyes, thick chapped lips, and large bulky nose, now on her face. Jenn stepped out of the bathroom and walked into the resteraunt again, immediately, all faces in the room turned to look at her.
    Instantaneously, many people hissed in disgust, whispered with narrow eyes, and threw food at her, as she walked out the door.
    Later reports told of a simple unnamed ugly girl who had killed herself for the town, a 5 second sentence that many people did not watch that night.
    And life went on. No one missed her or cried for her, just like Jenn wanted.