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    "Okay, let me see it." You say as you take the camera away from him.

    "Oh damn." You sigh as yet another picture comes out blurry. What's wrong with this freaking camera? It worked perfectly fine when you first got it.

    "Maybe we should give up?" Toshiro askes noticing your frustration.

    "No, we're gonna do this until we get it right." You snapped as you handed him back the camera. He just sighed and held it back in place. You stepped back up to him, once again and leaned in.

    "Are you-" He started but you interrupted.

    "Just shut up and kiss me." You said as you leaned in and touched your lips to his.


    You quickly took the camera away from him and growled in frustration.

    "Damn it!" You said as you deleted the blurry picture. Toshiro took the camera away from you and held it in place once again. You leaned in once more and pecked his lips. Toshiro smirks slightly and takes the picture.

    Little did you know he's been moving the camera just before the flash for the past twenty minutes.