• Once there was a girl.
    She was with her mother and father walking in the woods,
    then suddenly her mother and father were asleep and then
    the girl heard a weird sound....."Skkkk-- then it stopped.
    The girl was fightented then she went go see what it was.
    Soon she was in the woods and she became nervous.
    Then the sound came closer......"Skkkkyyll--then another sound came.
    It first sounded like a bird then it was a fox coming up and wolves surronding the foxes. The girl was very scared when the wolves and foxes came up to her.
    Then the wolves and foxes attacked and chased her.After that no body saw her for a while. Then her mother and father found her by a tree, bleeding.
    Then the family moved to a different place and the girl was not hurt anymore.

    The End.

    there was a younge girl named Skylar
    she was only 5 years old when she was lost
    her parents fell asleep when she was being attacked
    her parentswoke up and saved the girl from the wolves and foxes

    (Btw, if you are wondering where the girl was in (state), She was in Boston, Massachuttes.)

    P.S. Hope you enjoyed the story of my life when i was young in the woods.

    (P.S.S. the sound Skkkkkyyyyyllll was the young girl's dead step dad's spirit)