• Mathew Smithren, The last of the secret protectors known as the dark passangers... many thought of them as monsters... as they were mostly vampire. Mathew was walking the border of canada when something changed..
    "Who is it?" Mathew called out to the pine wood border line.
    a small cry was heard in the wood but then a piercing, bloody screech ended all that.
    Mathew took out his katana in preparation. His dark hair twirling in the wind.
    "iiiitttsss meeeeeeee maaatthheeewww.... haaaaaaaaaa....." Something ghostly hissed from somewhere in the mist.
    "Show yourself!" he yelled.
    Mathew turned around to see him...
    "Hellooo Mathewww.... Remember me..? THE ONE YOU LEFT BEHIND!!!"
    Suddenly, the mysterious Toni vanished into the fog, as if a ghost.
    "God Damnit Toni!!!!" Mathew lunged into the fog and thrashed through it with his katana raised. "Gaah..!" Mathew, drawing a sigle breath, looked at his chest.. A silver arrow pierced his cloth and through his ribs.
    "AGK!!! HEL-" And Mathew burned into the wind..
    "Good GOD!" Mathew woke up on his cot in the old abandon 7/11.
    "Ohh... Toni... you will pay for entering the relm of my dreams..."

    End Of Chapter 1

    (Will make more chapters if commented to do so)