• Prologue

    It is the year 7304, and the Humans are at the peak of their strength. Several years before, the Earth was ravaged by global warming, violence, nuclear warfare, and diseases. The world was tearing itself apart. But one day, a group of scientists discovered a way to understand genetic language, and alter genes so as to make humans immune to diseases, increase intelligence and physical strength to immense levels, stabilize the human mind to prevent violence, and in other words, make Humans the perfect race. They then published the formula to the government, which re-established itself as the Agency of Redevelopment and Change , and began to right the world. Swiftly, they annihilated all dangers that threatened their existence, such as hostile countries, and began to distribute a newly created to serum to citizens that bolstered health, rid the people of disease, and purified people's minds, preventing violence or disagreement. The world slowly began to stabilize. All was well. Or was it?

    Chapter 1

    Jason woke. He jumped to his feet quickly, and looked around. He appeared to be contained in a small, dark room. He could smell a putrid stench in the air, and only by looking around him could he see that the smell was that of blood. There was death all around him. Corpses littered the floor, some hanging grotesquely on hooks that hung from the ceiling. There was one that had it's stomach ripped open, with it's entrails splattered all over the floor. He looked away. Picking up his combat rifle, he began to search for a way out.

    Seeing a door, he opened it. It lead out into a long hallway that also had blood smeared on the walls. He activated his helmet to filter the thick smell of blood and activated his flashlight. Distantly, he saw a shimmering light, so he proceeded in that direction. He had not gone 10 yards when he stumbled over something. Looking down, he could see that it was a corpse... a breathing one.

    "Ummmm hello?" He said as he prodded the body with the blade attached to his gun. It twitched and looked as if it were going to stand up, so Jason stepped back. It slowly got up and stood staring at the other side of the hallway.

    "Are you okay?" Asked Jason, uncertain, as he stepped forward cautiously, aiming his rifle at the body. The person...no, the thing turned around. What Jason saw almost made him vomit, it was a person who's body was savaged to the point where it was barely recognizable as human. The area where the face should have been looked as if it were torn apart by claws and ripped open with sharp teeth, the torso was so eviscerated that Jason could see the lungs inflating and deflating. An arm was dangling, nearly severed from the shoulder, and Jason could see a pulsing mass of blood where the person's heart would be.

    This was too much for Jason, who turned around and prepared to run. He stopped as a dark mass leapt upon him, ripping out his heart, tearing off his helmet so that it could consume what was underneath. As he fell to the ground, a set of bloody teeth was all he could see as the darkness overcame his vision.