• "Hey you know what how about I take your car to your dorm and then we can get something to eat?" He asked me.i nodded. He got in my car and drove it straight to my dorm. When he got back he opened the passenger door for me and I got in. He got in the driver's side and started the engine. We pulled out then we sped torward a restaurant. He didn't tell me which restaurant we were going to but i didn't care. I was too busy trying to control my fright of going fast. We got to the restaurant and I noticed it was a really fancy one. "I'm not dressed to go in THERE."I told him pointing to the restaurant. "It's fine. I always go in there dressed like this." He assured me.
    We went in the restaurant and it was crowded. "So we can keep our conversations private." He told me when I saw how crowded it was.
    We sat down and started talking. "are we like going out?" I asked.
    "Yeah. I guess so"
    "Your really hot. I just wanted to let you know."
    "Thanks. so are you."
    Then we started making out.
    After a few weeks we came back to the restaurant. Jason and I were much in love. We both ordered pasta with butter and started eating. After a few minutes I walked to the girl's bathroom where only one person could go in at a time. He followed me in. We made out again and he started unbuttoning my shirt.
    He took it off and I took off his shirt. "let me lock the door if we're gonna do this."I told him. I went and locked the door. I walked back over to him and he started to slip off my skirt.