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    8 months later after Sonic's werehog situation, He and his friends went back home and rested. Sonic was sleeping on the rooftop of his house. "ZZZZZZ..." Tails appeared at the beach, flying as fast as he could. "SONIC!!" Sonic got startled and went rolling down to the ground.
    "Ugh..." said Sonic, "Hey buddy."
    Tails' face looks worried.
    "What's wrong?"
    "Amy disappeared for some reason," said Tails, "We were practicing our fighting skills in the woods and after our break, she was gone."
    "Oh Great..." sighed Sonic.
    Over at the sea, there was something black flying towards Sonic and Tails. It was Bokkun, the annoying robotic imp who sends exploding tvs to Sonic and his friends.
    "Hey Guy!" shouted Bokkun, "Dr. Eggman has a message for you!" He turned on the TV and Eggman's face appeared.
    "Sonic, as you know, someone in your group is missing. She sits right behind me in the cell."
    There was Amy, in the cell, crying.
    "Well, you better hurry, Sonic, or else your girlfriend gets it."
    The TV shuts off.
    Sonic throws the TV in the water to stay away from the explosion, but nothing happened.
    "Hey!" shouted Bokkun, "I got that one from the store yesterday! You BIG MEANIE!"
    "So, that TV doesn't explode?" asked Sonic.
    Bokkun went floating away, crying.
    "GODDAMNIT!" said Sonic.
    "This is getting to old...," sighed Tails.

    Meanwhile at the Egg Carrier III, Amy was impatiently waiting for Sonic to rescue her, again...

    "Oh, Sonic, what's taking you so long?" said Amy," He should be here right now..."
    "Shut up in there!" shouted one of the Eggbots. (In Sonic Heroes)
    "How RUDE!" Amy pulled out her Piko Piko Hammer," When I get out of here, I will smash you into tiny mechanical pieces."
    There was a loud noise outside the cell room. Gun, Laser, Bomb noises, and then went silence.
    "What's going on?"
    The robots were running towards the door. Suddenly, the door went flying and hit all of them against the wall. Sonic and Tails were come in the cell.
    "Never mind, Sonic crush ya!"
    "Amy, are you alright?" asked Sonic.
    "Yeah, I am."
    Tails deactivated the cell's locks, and then Amy suddenly jumps toward Sonic with a painful hug.
    "Amy... you're hunting me...!"
    Amy let go of Sonic quickly.
    "Guys let's get out of here before more robots come!" said Tails.
    Sonic, Tails, and Amy ran to the halls to find their way out.
    "Oh, crap!"
    There were 3 ways to go, but the 2 ways were blocked by robots.
    "Oh No!" said Amy, "There's too many of them!"
    "This way!" shouted Sonic.
    Sonic, Tails, and Amy ran to the right hallway and the door had a sign that says keep out. They enter the room, tired, except for Sonic of course.
    "*PANT PANT* Did we lose them, Sonic?" said Tails, "Sonic??"
    Sonic stared off silently at a glass tube with green fluid.
    "What is that?!"
    "A Hedgehog?!" said Amy.
    The hedgehog is a female with white, snowy fur. (Body figure: Sally Acorn's)
    The tube was inscirbed, E-396 S.W.I.F.T.

    TO BE CONTINUED... Send me comments!