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    <Login (Chapter) 1: Welcome To The World.>

    <Login: Konaru of the Azure Rose.>

    <Welcome To The World>

    A blue orb appeared at the chaos gate in ΔMac Anu, floating feet above the ground. It stopped, emitting blue rings, revealing a boy, who looked to be about 16 at the most, dressed in all white. The only other color on him were the two flame red celtic crosses on his chest. The boy stood there, eyes closed, untill the rings vanished. He opened his eyes and looked around, scanning the area. "The World....A magnificent place....." He smirked. He began walking, heading for the huge doors that led into the city known as Mac Anu. As he stepped into the sun, a small icon appeared over the boys head.


    Its time...


    Konaru smiled and turned around, back towards the chaos gate. He smiled behind his monitor. He stepped up to the doors and opened them, heading back over to the chaos gate. He looked at the server list and choose ΩLuminia Cloth. A blue orb flew out of the chaos gate and encircled him with blue rings untill he disapeared. The orb flew back into the chaos gate, disapearing.

    The blue orb reappeared at the chaos gate in ΩLuminia Cloth. It released konaru and faded. Konaru opened his eyes and looked at the glowing city. Lights filled the scenery. and ahead was the arena. The arena was a place where players in "The World" could fight each other freely. And Konaru was a regular there.
    Konaru walked forward towards the counter of the arena, stopping at the top of the stairs. Hiramaku, a man only slightly taller than Konaru, dressed in red, and lined with black walked up to him. He wore baggy clothes that seemed to heavy, but they concealed both his arms and legs. The sides of his body were lined with black, along with the gloves he wore, although they were kept hidden.
    "Heya! Kona! Ready?" He said as he walked up waving at Konaru.
    Konaru gave him a low high-five as he approached him. "Yeah, but wheres Zenta? He shoulda been here by now...."
    Hiramaku shrugged. "I dont know, he said he wou-" A small 'Mail" icon appeared over Hiramaku's head, stopping him mid sentence. He read the message then looked at Konaru. "He just messaged me, he said he overslept, and that he's on his way!"
    Konaru sighed. "Thats so like him..." Konaru looked at the ground and shook his head in disappointment. Konaru looked back up and turned around and looked at the giant screen behind him. It showed a video of the current arena champions, Tsuai, Miaki, and Nowaka's latest victory in the arena. Tsuai, the leader of the team, wore long bague robes, and held a big black and red spell book named "Aroura Gaze". Miaki, the fastest of the group, wore red and white jester clothes, but no face paint. He had two dual blade swords in his hands both matching his clothes, named "Jesters Tric". And Nowaka, the power house, wore big peices of red armor. He held a giant broadsword named "Death's Identity".
    Konaru sighed as he looked back down. "..I hope we will be able to defeat them....We just need to win this next match!"
    "Hey!!! Guys!!!!" Konaru looked over in the direction of the chaos gate where the yelling was coming from, only to see a man who looked to be about 17. The man wore clothes that didnt seem to fit in with the rest of 'The World's' attire. He wore what looked like a black collared shirt, with white baggy pants. Chains hanging from the sides of his legs, covered in red wave symbols on black. The chains held up two big Tatami fans. From what could be seen, they were black and white.
    The man stopped in front of Konaru and Hiramaku and smiled. "Sorry im late.....I sorta stayed up late last night lev-"
    "It doesnt matter what you were doing Zenta, were a team, and we wont work properly unless your here to back us up!" Konaru interrupted.
    "He's right, you gotta be a bit more focused..." Hiramaku added.
    "Whatever....Lets just win this..." Zenta said as he waved his hand at Konaru sarcastically.
    "Grr......" Konaru turned and started to walk off. "Im gunna go register us...."
    "Such a temper!" Zenta said quietly in a mocking manner as Konaru walked away.

    Konaru approached the front desk and looked at the NPC woman at the front counter.
    "Hello. would you like to register for the Demon Palace Tournament?"
    "Yes please." Konaru replied.
    "Team name?"
    "Team Azure."
    "Thank you, your match will start shortly, please go to the waiting room, until your match begins." The woman bowed slightly as Konaru walked back towards Hira and Zenta.
    "OK guys, lets go into the waiting room." Konaru said as he reached them.
    "Good, lets get this over with." Hiramaku said, putting his arms behind his head.
    "Aww, come on Hira, dont say it like that! Say it like you will enjoy it!" Zenta said as he started walking off.
    "But I wont enjoy it, I already know we will win. All i'm concerned about are the finals..." Hiramaku followed.
    "Stop fooling around Zenta, and Hira, dont get too cocky. We may be good, but were not perfect. We've still got a lot of kinks to work out." Konaru warned as they reached the warp point that led to the waiting room.

    The three appeared in the waiting room, and Konaru immediately went over to the information board.
    "What it say?" Hiramaku asked.
    "Our opponents are a Shadow Warlock, Harvest Cleric, and an Edge Punisher.....Hmm...An interesting combo....According to this they use the Shadow Warlock and Edge Punisher to attack a single opponent at a time, while the Harvest Cleric heals....That leaves a wide opening...."
    "You thinking what im thinking?" asked Hiramaku.
    "Using Zenta for bait?"
    Zenta turned around slowly. "Bait for who?"
    Konaru smiled and explained.....

    "OK? Got it? So after you boost us, you need to make them target you, then charm the Harvest Cleric." Konaru finished.
    Zenta nodded.
    "Team Azure your match is about to begin, please enter the arena." Said a voice on the intercom.
    "OK! Lets do this!"
    The walked towards the warp point and warped away.

    "HELLO LUMINIA CLOTH!!!!!" yelled the announcer as the crowd roared wildly.
    "Todays match is Team Azure. This team has been through a lot, but they always put on a great show!!"
    The crowd cheered wildly as the three warped on stage.
    "They sure look confident! Especially their leader Konaru!"
    Konaru stood boldly at the top of the vividly bright arena as he waited for the match to begin.
    "Ok! And now on o our next team!" As the announcer said this Konaru's team was warped onto the stage. They stood there and looked up at the platform where the team awaited.
    "Team Blitz!! With their leader Radin, they sure do look tough!"
    Radin, their leader and the Edge Punisher, had the face and body of a lion and wore huge plates of armor. Nenitz, the Harvest Cleric, stood in the back, looking a bit afraid. And Kairin, a female Shadow Warlock, stood on the left, her book open and ready to fight. They all warped onto the field across from Team Azure, and stared menacingly, without saying a word.
    Konaru, Hiramaku, and Zenta all pulled out heir weapons.
    "And there they are!! The Three Azure Weapons, said to have defeated 100 teams. Konaru's Scythe, White Steel!!! Hiramaku's Bayonet, Motal Life!!! And Zenat's Fans ColorBlind!!!"
    Konaru's scythe desreved its name. The shine that emanated from it made it look as white as light. Hiramku's bayonet was Red and striped with black and yellow with five spikes on it that extended from the center. Zenta's fans had black handles and stems, while the cloth on the fan was a transparent white. Both the Black and the white had wave-markings of the opposite color on them.
    The opposing team didnt flinch nor move at the sight of their weapons. All they did was counter by pulling out theirs.
    "Well This looks like it will be a heated match! Now Begin!!!" The announcer yelled.

    Zenta immediately turned to Konaru. "Ap Do!" He waved his fans and a spell traveled to Konaru as if traveling with the air. Zenta Waved his fans again and yelled "Ap Corv!"
    Konaru's speed and strength both increased with the two spells.
    Zenta turned over to Hiramaku and yelled the same two spells to him.
    "Good, now Zenta target the Harvest Cleric first!"
    "Got it!!" At these words Zenta turned to the Harvest Cleric.
    "Dek Do!" The spell began to slow down the cleric.
    Zenta, without orders turned to where the Edge Punisher was and stopped. He was gone. "Where-"
    WHAM!! Zenta was hit in the back and fell to the ground. As he began to stand up water, in the shape of small dragons, struck him through the stomach.
    "Hira! Now!" Konaru yelled as he saw Zenta be attacked.
    "Got It! Plectra Bullet!" Hiramaku aimed his gun at the Edge Punisher and began charging a bullet made of energy.
    "Reapers Touch!!" Konaru dashed towards the punisher and slashed him one, pushed him in the air and spun, slashing him more. As Konaru slashed, Hiramaku released his bullet, hitting the opponent, only a mere second after Konaru's skill, blasting him back against the battle wall. Koanru ran towards the enemy and slashed at him again. Konaru hit the skill trigger button on his controller.
    "Wicked Strike!!!" Konaru swung once, slashing the Edge Punisher against the wall, doing extra damge, then sung again.
    "Tempest Blast!" yelled Hiramaku as a bullet soared through the air piercing the Edge Punisher through the chest, killing him. The punisher fell to the ground and faded. Zenta stood up as the attacks ended and put his fan away. Konaru and Hiramaku put theirs away too.
    "They did it!!! Team Azure has won again!"
    Hiramaku and Zenta bowed while Konaru looked up at the crowd. Although it did not seem it, he was basking in the glory. All but too soon they were warped out of the arena and sent back to the warp point that led to the waiting room.

    As they appeared out side, they were greeted by a group of people cheering their team name.
    Konaru sighed as he saw them. All they ended up doing was annoying him.
    They continued to cheer for them even though the battle was over.
    "Konaru! Great job!"
    "Go Hira!!"
    "Zenta, Zenta he's our man if he cant do it--"
    "Anyone else sure can!" Hiramaku finished. Zenta hit him on the back of the head.
    Hiramaku just gave an angered look.
    "Guys settle down....please...." Konaru asked of them.
    As the crowd of fans began to dispurse, a girl dressed in a short blue skirt, lined with red walked up to them. She was thin and tall, but not as tall as Konaru. She had red gauntlets on her wrists. Her long black hair hung down to her lower waist.
    "You three!" she yelled at them as she walked up to Konaru. The three of them just looked at her strangely, except for Konaru who just looked at her with an emotionless stare. "What do you want?"
    "A match!" She retorted. "Against each of you!"
    "All three of us against you alone?" Zenta asked.
    "No, stupid...Individually..."
    "Who are you anyways?" Konaru asked.
    The girl smiled. "Names Naomi."
    "So what are you, a fan?"
    Naomi blushed, she turned around and twiddled her fingers. "N-no! I j-just want to prove my strength!!" She didnt look at them as she said this.
    Hiramaku laughed. "Sure! I wil-"
    "No. Sorry, but we cant risk letting our strategies out before the semi-finals."
    The girl turned around and looked at Konaru furiously. "What?!" She got down to her knees. "Please! Please face me! I want to prove to you I am strong!"
    Konaru snickered. "Heh, So you are a fan?"
    Naomi looked at the ground. "Yeah...." She stood up and looked Konaru's PC in the eyes. "I want to join Team Azure!!!" They stood there for a bit, silent waiting on Konaru's awnser.
    "Sorry. But there are no available spots on Team Azure."
    "Fine! But here, take this for when you change your mind!"
    &Received Naomi's Member Address!&
    With that she logged off. Konaru, Hiramaku, and Zenta looked at each other.
    "Wouldnt be the first time...." Zenta shrugged.
    "Well, whatever. Let's log off for today. tomorrow, lets meet in Mac Anu, we will take on a quest or something to sharpen our skills." said Konaru.
    "Kay, then. See ya!" Zenta said as he logged off.
    "TTYL!" .
    Konaru sighed. "I guess I will log off too...." The blue orb appeared above him and took him away.

    The next day Konaru logged in at Mac Anu only to see Hiramaku waiting. He had a stressed look on his face. "Whats wrong?" Konaru asked.
    "Zenta....The idiot got himself grounded.....Again...."
    "What?! For how long?!"
    "Long enough so that he cant participate in the tournament...."
    "s**t! Goddamn him! Well who else do we know to replace him? I mean we need the boosts."
    "There was that girl from yesterday..." Hiramku sighed.
    "No! No more fans! They drive me crazy!"
    "We dont have much choice...."
    Konaru sighed and pressed his palm to his face. "Your right..."
    "Let's just invite her on a mission and see how she is. If she's too weak we will start looking for someone to be Zenta's Temp."
    "Fine, I'll invite her." Konaru sighed as he opened up his friend list and choose Naomi.


    Meet us at Mac Anu's Quest shop.....We might need your help...

    Konaru of the Azure Rose.>

    He regretfully pressed send. "Okay....sent...." Almost immediately a mail icon appeared above Konaru's head.

    <Okay! I will be there in a bit!>

    "Okay, all taken care of....Lets go, we'll choose the hardest mission and see how she fares."

    As they reached the quest shop, they saw Naomi waiting anxiously. She turned around as they approached her.
    "So, you finally realized my true strength?"
    "No." Konaru said cold-heartedly. "We need a replacement and you were the first that came to mind.
    Naomi's cheeks flushed red with anger. Hiramaku walked up to her. "Let him be..." He said worriedly. "He just doesnt like fans, they tend to piss him off..."
    "I told you before im not a fan!" Naomi retorted, crossing her arms and turning her head. She was blushing, but didnt want to show it.
    "Naomi!" Konaru called. Naomi clenched her fists. "Im not a dog! So dont call me like that!"
    "Please dont fight guys....." Hiramaku said trying to maintain peace.
    "Naomi, what level are you?" Konaru asked, turning to her this time.
    "Higher than expected....."
    "Yeah, she's only four levels below us." Hiramaku added.
    Konaru sent an invite to Naomi and Hiramku. They both joined and Konaru turned to the quest shop. He accepted the hardest mission. The NPC in the shop bowed and gave them the mission details.
    "A quick and simple mission...." Konaru started.
    "What happened to the whole 'Hardest Mission' thing?"
    "This was....I just forgot how low leveled the delta server was....Next time remind me that we need to go to Dol Dona."
    Hiramaku nodded.
    "Ok, Naomi, were not going to assist you on this mission at all. I want you to defeat the Heaven Golem on your own. We will only step in if you are losing. If we think we could use you on our team, you will become Zenta's replacement."