• silently, i slipped out my bedroom window and onto the wet, mud covered ground. thick bars of steel and concrete surounded me while a dence green forest lie beyond their wake. i looked back at my former home once and blinked back a tear of genuine sadness. crying
    my goal was to get deep into the forest before IT noticed i was gone. i had to get help, for i was the only one strong enough to run to the town, only a mile off. my family would wait for me, but would they be there when i got back? question
    that question was left unanswered as i climed up the ridges of my familiar wall of rock and metal.it was pondered as i bolted past evergreens, skunkcabbage, and carefully planted wolfsbane. shrubs and flowers were a blur and i could hear the seemingly to loud twigs, with acute clarity,snapping under my weight as i crashed through them. eek
    suddenly, a hand gripped at my bare throte , crushing my wing pipe and tearing at my jugular. a venomously beautiful face inches from mine, and a knife jabbing at my gut. burning_eyes
    "well, well, well. not many people would have enough courage to run from me." he growled, still seeming seductive.
    "yeah," i hissed in an inaudible, yet still raspy voice. "and not everybody gets to be imprisoned bt a" i spat the last word out. "Vampire."

    that's the end of my maforly (short) short storie thingy