• Cameron's || Journey
    Chapter oo1

    It was still not quite light out. Cameron’s slender figure was outlined faintly against the dim morning light. No detail though. Her breathing became louder as she struggled to pull her pants up; they were on their last leg. Her small, blue, room looked a green color. Looking at the clock, she saw it read 6:00am. Finally. . She thought. Finally was right! Today was the last day of school. No, she wasn’t a senior, but she would be, and real life was so close she could taste it, and it burned. Often times she questioned whether or not she was really ready for “real life”. Just as everyone else, she had spent twelve years of her entire life molding around school. What would she do when suddenly that structure wasn’t there? Among that, her parents. Moving out had been something she had been anticipating since she was only fourteen years old.

    Thoughts raced through her mind as she was now brushing her teeth. Cameron hummed quietly as she turned the water off. Getting her own bathroom had been such a joy when her older sister moved out, and it never ceased to please her. Her reflection greeted her. It did exactly as she did, a she smiled, her clean white teeth looked their best. The seven-teen year old finished straightening her dyed black hair before flipping it off. She didn‘t bother putting on makeup, everyone complimented on how her bright green eyes didn‘t need it. Yes, Cameron was quite a lovely girl. She was bold looking, and had the personality to match; when it wasn‘t something new. For a person who loved change, she sure had a strange way of greeting it. She was always one to “test the waters“ before jumping in. As she headed down the old wooden stairs, she looked at the wall full of pictures and crayon attempted to be removed. Oh how those stairs needed to be sanded. Cameron had lived in that house her entire life, just as her two older siblings had. Money was always something that was short at hand, but never a focus. They lived simply, and they were ok with that. Her father, David, had worked a simple job his entire life, as a carpenter. Ironic, a carpenter who’s stairs were un-repaired. He just didn’t have the time. As far as Elaine’s job was, she was a teacher at the local elementary school.

    If she does it like this, Will you do it like that. If she touches like this, will you-

    She was almost out the door when her cell phone rang. Quickly she shut the front door. “What? Minay, you couldn’t wait five more minutes?”

    The voice on the other end sounded extremely energetic. “I’m sorry! I -did I wake anyone up?”

    Cameron quietly, but heartily laughed, but didn’t have time to answer the question.

    “My dad said he would help pay for the first three months of my apartment when I move out! How cool is that?” Minay. She and Cameron had known each other since they were eight years old. They were home school at the time and met each other in a class they took. Minay had also been born into a slightly more wealthy family. They lived in the upper part of town, in a house that was brand spanking new.

    “Wow Minnie, that’s awesome! But still- you couldn’t wait to tell me? I can see you right now!” No response came, as she realize her friend had already hung up on her and was running in her direction. “Cameron! Can you believe it’s the last day!?” Minay had a cheesy wide smile on her face and was jumping up and down her hands on Cameron’s shoulders. She looked at her crazy excited friend, her brown-red hair with sunshine yellow underneath, her bright blue eyes, the crazy beautiful eyeliner that surrounded it, and her wacky yellow dress. It was the only dress she owned, and it was a huge deal for her to get it. Dresses were not her thing. The bus pulled up, and Minay pulled herself together.

    On the bus, people were throwing things at each other, it was noisy, and the seats looked sticky from it being the end of the year. Bus drivers rarely cleaned their buses out. The two best friends walked to the back of the bus where they sat every day.

    “Hey, Cameron.” Minay nudged her friend and nodded towards a blonde haired boy who sat in the row across from them. He just looked out the window. Next to him he had a black backpack with a skateboard strapped to it. “Shut up. He’ll hear you.” Cameron hit her friend. “Don’t be stupid, he’s looking the other way.” Minnie had a way of being louder than she thought. Another greeting came from behind them. “Hey guys.” the two girls turned and scooted back from the face that was between them. Minay and Cameron greeted the boy simultaneously. “Hey Caleb.” Cameron slyly turned her attention back to the boy across the isle. “You look really nice today Cameron.” Caleb smiled, braces covering his teeth. Minay made sure her friends back was turned before giving Caleb a teasing smile. She mouthed the words, “are you gonna ask her out or what?” and he gently pushed her face. “Thanks for picking my nose Ca”.

    “Do you think I’ll ever get to talk to him?” Cameron looked back at her friends, and nodded her head toward the boy. Caleb cut in first, obviously too soon. “Nick is so shallow Cameron.” She looked at him, and raised her eyebrow. “And . .You know this how?” The two girls started laughing, but Caleb didn’t seem to find it funny. He sat back down in his row behind them, and left them alone the rest of the ride. The summer time was sure something to look forward to . .