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    True Love

    "Dad, do I have to?"
    "Yes darling, it's the only way"
    I am in the car and my Dad is driving me to the Darwin airport, I have to go live with my Mum in Canberra. This is because my Dad got a job in Perth and I couldn't go with him. So here I am coming from one of the hottest cities in Australia, to one of the coldest. My Mum lives right near a lake and Dad said it would be 'just like swimming at the beach, without the waves'. I will miss so much, the hot days where your sweat would fill a swimming pool, going to the beach and riding the waves back into shore, and all my friends.

    "Anna" Dad said softly, " you know we have to do this" , "I know" I said letting out a tear. Thats all we said for the rest of the way.

    When we got to the airport carpark Dad slowly got out of the car and picked up my bags and an extra one which he was trying to hide as much as possible. I could tell what it was, as he was trying so hard to hide it. 'You shouldn't have,' I thought.

    We entered the airport and I could hear multiple conversations."Come, on lets go" one lady said to a boy that I couldn't take my eyes off. He had the most beautiful bronze hair, brilliant brown eyes and he didn't look like any usual human being. "Anna" Dad said in a loud voice, "what are you doing? We have to go"...