• Sky and Dawn followed the man called Maxit Throughson down the hall. The silence sinking in around them was starting to suffocate Dawn.

    "So!" Dawn said loadly and swung her arms and clapping her hands to break the silence. "What kind of lessons are scythe lessons?" Dawn asked Maxit. "Is there going to be tests?" Maxit ignored her and went of walking down the hall. Dawn just kept on talking. "If there are going to be tests will there be open book ones?" Maxit sighed and stopped walking and turned around and face Dawn.

    "You're not going to be a quiet one, are you?" He asked her. Dawn grinned and shook her head.

    "Nope! I'm never quiet unless I have to be. Being quiet is Sky's job." Dawn said and pointed to him. Sky just rolled his eyes at her. Maxit groaned and went back to walking. Sky and Dawn followed him and she kept talking even if noone was listening to her untill Maxit opened a classroom door.

    "In here is where you'll be taught Scythe lessons." Maxit said and motioned Sky and Dawn to go inside. Dawn shrugged and bounced on in and Sky followed. Maxit came in and closed the door behind them. The room was the size of the cafetira but with only one large table by the door. Sitting at the table were the Reapers. "Sky. Dawn, meet your new classmates." Maxit said. Dawn's jaw dropped. "Have a seat."

    Sky went and sat between a boy with spiky blond grey hair and a guy with spiky black hair, and Dawn by the younger blond girl and the white haired girl from before.

    "Hi! My name is Millie!" The young blond said then pointed to the older blond beside her. "This here is my sister Martha!" she leaned closer to Dawn and whispered, "she's a little controling, but she's okay." Millie giggled and jumped out of her seat and went to Sky.

    "Welcome to the club," Martha said.

    "Do you have jackets?" Dawn asked grinning.

    "Millie don't jump on him!" someone yelled. Dawn saw that Millie had jumped on top of Sky and was looking closely at his hair. A guy with green hair was trying to pull her off without hurting Sky. "Come on, Mill! Let his hair go!" he yelled at her.

    "But his hair is blue, Shyler!" She exclaimed at him. "Do you dye it?" she asked Sky who was having his face smashed into the table.

    "No!" Sky managed to say.

    "Milison, get off of him right now." Martha said through her teeth. Millie looked at her sister then climbed off of Sky's back and sat back in her seat and pouted, muttering something about her name. The guy with green hair sighed with relief.

    "You okay, man?" he asked Sky, then held out his hand. "The name is Shyler. Nice to meet you." Sky rubbed his head then took Shyler's hand.

    "Sky," he said.

    "Hey, I'm Tim Daniel," the blond gray haired boy said. "That there is Marcus Johnson." he elbowed the black haired guy.

    "Elbow me again and see what happens, Tim." he said. "And just call me Mark."

    "Hey there Mark!" Dawn said from across the table then she felt a tug on her sleeve. It was the white haired girl

    "My name is Kaline." She said. "Did you and Sky like the apples?" She asked.

    "So that is what the apples were for," Sky said. Kaline nodded.

    "Yup they were nice and juicy. Thank you, Kaline." Dawn said.

    "Alright now that everyone knows everyone, let's down to business." Maxit said and stood at the end of the table so everyone could see and hear him. "Sky and Dawn showed signs of being able to use a scythe, and today that is going to be when we find out exactly. We're-" Maxit stopped talking when he saw Sky's hand was up. "What is it, Sky?"

    "A scythe, sir?" Sky asked.

    "That will be explained in a minute. Now as I was saying. Today we're going to find out. Martha, Millie and Kaline will help Dawn and Shyler, Mark and Tim will help Sky. Sky, Dawn, they will explain what's going on." Maxit took two clear round stones out of his pocket and tossed one to Martha and the other to Mark. "Here, take these. Now separate to either side of the room." Maxit said and sat down on a chair by the wall. Millie grabbed Dawn's hand.

    "Come on let's work hard together!" Millie said and pulled Dawn to one side of the room and Martha and Kaline followed.