• ~~part 2~~
    Maie was weaving a basket while humming "i can't wait til it is my birthday....i wonder what my name is now...i'll go check with the elder"Maie said to herself and ran to the elder woman "whats my new name?! whats my new name?!"maie repeated while jumping up and down with her arms waving
    "be quite,humming bird!"the elder snapped and walked into her house.Maie ran to Alpha's tee pee to find.... "oh my god!!!"she saw Alpha french kissing another girl beside herself.Alpha pulled away "maie it not what you!--"Alpha tried to say but maie ran off sobbing through the village and into her farther
    "whats wrong my daughter?!"goka asked worried "ALPHA!!!"maie yelled and sobbed and ran off with her hands cover her face."who dares break my daughter's heart...."goka voice was not peaciful it was mad,he went to Alpha's tee pee and saw the boy sitting down tapping his foot,he was also angry.Goka lifted Alpha by the neck and said "who did you kiss?!!"his eyes burned red with fury,and Alpha struggled "some girl that liked me,kissed me and i tried to push her away but she didn't let go! i was gonna hit her but i can never hit girls!!!thats the truth i tell ya!!"Alpha choked and goka dropped him to the ground,and Alpha started coughing ".....ok..i believe you since you always tell the truth....what was the girl's name?"Goka asked
    "sunflower.....thats her grown up name...."Alpha replied horsely.Sunflower had a talk with goka,he made her stay away from alpha intil she was 20.
    "but!"Sunflower studdered "no but's! never mess with a man who loves someone else...it can cause...alot of pain...."Goka told sunflower who was crying,he walked back into his tee pee,and wondered where maie went.