• I crept silently behind the large,dark green cubic hedge that stood in the back of a well groomed yard.His well groomed yard.The pine like scent of the bush filled my nostrils as a small gust of wind passed through it, and danced in my hazel hair.A raven cawed harshly in the distance.
    I still had quite a ways to go,but I knew how to reach my goal undetected,this wasn't my first time sneaking into his house,but it was certainly the first time I came here knowing she was here as well.
    You're probably wondering who all these "hes" and "shes" are."He" is Daren Smith, my boyfriend.Tomorrow we would have been together for three years, but unfortunately fate would not allow it.I have her to thank for that."She"'s Maria,A slutty little b***h who seduced Daren into falling for her while he was still going out with me. It would of been much better for all of us if she had just found her own guy to screw around with.
    To make matter worse, they've been doing it all behind my back while Daren pretended that he still loved me.The both thought I didn't know,but oh,how I knew about this painful ordeal and soon they'd both know that too.
    I glanced up toward the second window on the first floor and heard music start to play.Someone then closed the blinds.I knew I had to act quickly,my time was running out.My heartbeat quickened as I grasped the small black crowbar in my right hand a bit tighter. With my left I fingered the cold,smooth blade of the steak knife that I had in my belt,making sure it was still there.
    I slowly made my way up to the white French door that would take me to the kitchen. Slowly I opened the door and I shuddered as it made a slight creak, but then I realized that no one would notice because of the music.
    Silently I made my way across the cool stone tiles of the kitchen floor and stumbled down the dark hallway.I stopped at the room that was the source of the din,the second door on the right, Daren's room.
    I grabbed the knob,opened the door and in front of me stood Maria in her pink and blue thong and and bra and Daren in his black boxers.His hands were running up her petite frame and into her mass of black curls.They were too busy swapping spit and feeling each other up to notice me.My heart lurched spasmodically as I took it all in.
    Painful invaded my mind and as they ended,rage flooded my veins.Sweat trickled down my nose and I gripped the crowbar more securely.I moved closer until I was less than a foot away from the wench who stole my man.By that time the anger was pounding inside me like some crazed beast that demanded to be set free.
    So I set it free.
    I pulled the crowbar back and swung it at Maria's head with as much force as I could muster.There was a sickening crunch and a spray of blood as the steel bar found it's target,ripped past the hair and skin,shattered bone and met soft brain tissue.She screamed out in agony then went limp in his arms.But she wasn't dead,yet.
    "Maria what's the-" He stopped talking as his gaze met mine.I knew he saw the fires of Hell burning within my eyes.I also knew that he knew that that the chances of him surviving this night were slim to none.
    I then became a paroxysm of steel as I further mutilated the girl in his arms.All he could do was watch as she died in his state of shock.As my last blow finished,his adrenalin kicked in and knocked him out of his temporary paralysis.He tossed Maria aside and lunged at me,but I was ready and waiting for him.I swung the crowbar before he lept and it caught him in the jaw,shattering the bone to pieces.He stumbled back,reeling slightly.His broken jaw hung awkwardly away from the break point.Dark red blood mixed with saliva trickled down his freshly deformed chin.He raised his hand to his wounded face and held it there as if caressing it would mend it faster.
    I laughed at him.I laughed at how it felt so good to hurt them.I laughed at this pitiful situation we got ourselves into.I stopped laughing and concentrated all the hate I had for him in my stare.
    "You think that's painful?"I snarled at Daren."It's nowhere's near as painful as knowing the one you love and though loved you is going out behind your back and fooling around with other women!"
    I swung again,hitting him on the hand that covered his hanging jaw.The sound of snapping bone once again defeated the music as the crowbar came in contact with his fingers.Daren fell back onto his bed,howling in pain.I tossed the crowbar aside and snatched the knife from my belt.I moved toward Daren like the predator closing in for the kill.I sneered at him.
    "So this is how it ends,eh?"I yelled,to be heard above the still playing music.
    "Yes it is Sarah,"said a deep angry voice behind me.
    I never got to turn around to face Daren's father.
    A boom filled the air and a bullet erupted from my left breast,piercing the wall in front of me.
    I looked down at the gaping hole the bullet left in my chest.Blood was pouring out of me like I was some sort of fountain.My vision started to blur and I lost almost all mt strength.But I knew my job wasn't over yet.With the last bit of strength in my I lunged at Daren,plunging my knife into his rib cage.The gun when off again,this time the bullet lodged itself in my spine,paralyzing me.But that didn't matter,I was going to die anyways.The last things I remember were having my hair pulled violently and being tugged aside like some old toy no one wanted anymore.I landed by Maria,her eyes were still wide with fear,even though her capability to feel that emotion ended a few moments ago.
    My failing heart filled with a touch of pleasure.I breathed out,closed my eyes,smiled,then died.