• I hated what i had become,
    What i was,Anything that had to do with me.
    All the sweet dreams had crumbled before me,
    leading me on to what i didn't want to become.
    I was hard to believe that I was killing these people,
    But most inportantly i was killing myself inside.
    The angels swormed around me waiting for the death of the war,
    fearing not what my army would do, but what i would do.
    They hated me, I hated myself too. But, i had to finish what i was set out to do: and that was destroy this over bounding population of infant humans.i had slashed babies, pregnant woman, and men.
    they would put up a fight but would never win.
    Death was the only thing on my mind,the only thing i could deal with, but the life i have lived will soon come to an end.
    but, before it REALLY begins!Reap this world and kill, but flesh will remain still, for the silent moments at night i take my dreadful flight, into your broken window, and your broken heart.Its game over when you see me, there is no head start.Be ready and beware,cause I will have YOU scared.