• i sighed in boredom. night was so quiet. i never slept, none of us did, we just stayed awaik the whole pogging night. i listened to the voices in my home. mom and dad, or Cindy and Ferman, as i was forbidedned to call them, were debating wether they should go on another hunting trip. i hoped so, i hate it when there here....
    what was that? was someone saying my name? it was skipper, my bestfreind. her and the rest of my family were down stairs, at my favorite table, everyone except mom and dad, ofcourse.
    i walked out of my room, and jumped of the stairs, gracefully landing on the table after flying through the flight of stairs. the reoson i was not with my freind was because i didn't want to be with anyone when jasper was gone hunting. i only drank a certian human blood, but i never killed, just donated blood. i had considered the triel of drinking animal blood, but i couldn't, because i could speak to animals. they feared us greatl. all except me and skipper.
    ' aspen, pay attention."
    i looked up, arnold was staing at me, no, glaring. he was so moody when hungry. i inhaled the scents of my family and paused. jasper was home! i smiled and skipper looked at me, glad that i was happy.
    jasper didn't know about my feelings for him. he didn't realize how beautifull he was to me. if someone asked and he were there, he would no. i'd say no. but he'd no i was lying. that is his gift. i stood up, still on the table and watched out the window the quick figure of jasper running home.
    "hi!" i called hurrying to the window and leaning out. he smiled and said hi back.
    " we are leaving! not for our every 50 year hu nting trip, though, that's next week. we will be gone for 3 days, if any partof this house is scraped or scathed then youy know what will happen" Cindy hollered as her and her mate left out the door.
    we all waited for them to be atleast 5 miles away. when they were, i jumped into the table and danced in circles, then jumped and climbed the stairs. i lept at the top, my dark brown hair in a twist bobing behind me as i made a gracefull land.
    i wasoff before the table hit the ground. it had split into 2 pieces. i gasped. mom would literally kill me.
    only skipper and jasper were in the room with me, but the rest of them heard it to, all of them, even mom and dad.
    "there coming back," jasper said, his tone worried.
    "quick! fix it!" i yelled as grabbing suplies.
    we were able to fix it in inly a matter of seconds. it looke like nothoing happened. i sighed in relief and sat by jasper, my had in his lap.
    "what happened!?!" mom yelled through the door.
    bruce looked down from the 3rd floor. "sorry, i was playing tree fights with arnold."
    i hissed under my breath, what a stupid alibi. cindy didn't fall for it either. dad and her ran around the house searching for any of her preciose values.
    she stopped at the table. she also loved this table, very much. with a gasp, she shot a, if looks could kill, glare at me. under the table were scratches on the floor where the table hit it.
    "i'm sorry!" i said quietly," i was jumping and i had my toe poke the middle of it, breaking it in half." i whispered, but i knew she heard.
    "come here"
    i obeyed.
    in less then a second, i was tied to her wall, on my butt, in a corner, staring at her face, angry with brown, red hair. i couldn't budge, the antidote she created was strong enough to make me weak. she scanned my feet and grabbed my rightpinkytoe and pulled it off. i screemed as she pulled out a lighter and burned it. even though it wasn't on me, i felt it burn, like i was burning. i screamed loudly, so loudly. the pain was unbearable. like some one was lighting a match down my throat and then pouring gas on me and watching me burn.
    it was my favorite toe, too, the only one i painted. it was yelloe with a black smiley face on it. and then it was over. my toe was ashes and she untied me. i stumbled over to skipper and she patted my back.
    " this was the 1st time you have been burned aspen, but mostlikely not the last." she hissed at me. i shuddered, remebering arnold. he had noe toes and 8 fingers, he didn't care anymore, though, he did as he pleased.jasper looked at me sadly. i walked up to him and hugged him. if only i could cry. i wanted to, but all i did was wimper.