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    Nanette (Nan)

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    Sylvia (Nan's Mom)

    We held each other's gazes, but I couldn't look at him anymore. I turned around and he was next to me in the seat.
    "How did you get here from there?" I questioned. He shrugged and smiled a little.
    "What's your name?" He asked. His voice was smooth and soft and held no kidnapper tone in it.
    "Nanette, but i'm usally called Nan for short," I replied. He rose one eyebrow.
    "Well, Nan, were are you heading off to?" He said, still looking into my blue eyes.
    "H-Houston," was all I could manage to choke out. He chuckled and I silently glared at him.
    "Well, Nan. Today is your lucky day because that's excatly where i'm heading too. Maybe we could see each other at school," He brought up.
    "Ok, my turn to ask the questions," I insisted. He smiled heartily, his teeth whiter than those fake comercials about tooth paste and how they make your teeth really white.
    "What's YOUR name?" I asked first.
    "Michael," He replied.
    "Football, guitar, sports, and talking to you," He replied. We both laughed at the "talking to you" part.
    "Twilight and Batman," He said. He smiled at me and twirled my hair a little. I blushed and I started to get warm.
    "Nan, why did you come to Texas anyways?" He asked, his eyes curious and round. I sighed and began.
    "My father doesn't love me enough to keep me anymore. So I suggested on going to Houston. He raised his eyebrow the way he always did when he was agreeing or thinking about it. We didn't really get along either. He was an....a*****e," I replied looking down. I could feel the tears falling off and sliding onto my chucks.
    He put an arm around me, trying to comfort me and hugging me lightly. The tears stopped after 10 minutes. I put my head onto his shoulder and picked up his hand, tracing over the lines on his palm. Michael watched and hesitated for a moment. Then, he put his chin on my head and we both fell asleep.

    To Be Countined...