• Kaily sighed and looked out the car window. She was moving from everything she loved, her friends,her family, and her boyfriend. Even though she had a cellphone, she never used it. It wasn't necessary. But in this case, she had given her cell number to all of her friends and her boyfriend, in all hope they wouldn't forget her. The rain hitting the car pounded against her ears. She looked at her mom up in the front seat, who noticed her gaze, and smiled. Kaily checked her cellphone. No new messages. This made her sigh even louder. They were moving to Maine. once they got there, Kaily got out of the car, and put her dark brown hair in a ponytail. She straightened out her clothes, and checked her cellphone again. "great" she groaned.

    Her younger step-sister climbed out, her blonde hair in a pink bow and her blue, big eyes, ready and excited. She let out a big grin to her older step-sister.Kaily sighed and walked inside her new house. There were boxes EVERYWHERE. After checking out the downstairs, she ran upstairs to see her room. She walked into a room with boxes marked 'Kaily's room' and a broken down queen -sized bed. She was sleeping on the floor tonight. She looked around. "it's pretty nice" she said happily. She walked over to her window, and looked out. Across the street was a boy about her age (14), playing soccer. She smiled and leaned against the window, watching him.

    Suddenly, the ball flew across the street and landed at Kaily's front door. Kaily gasped and ran to the front door. She opened it quickly to see that the boy was already there. "hey!" the boy said smiling. "so you're the new neighbors". Kaily blushed. "yeah, umm, here's you ball" she said Handing him the worn-out soccer ball. The boy smiled. "thanks" as he began walking down the steps. He turned around. "by the way, I'm Alex Mcdonald!" he yelled. Kaily laughed and yelled her response. "I'm Kaily Cook!" she said closing the door. She checked her cell once more. She wasn't gonna need it. She was gonna have PLENTY to do here in maine.