• Chapter 1 Welcome To The Pack

    Walking down an empty rode, nothing but concrete, and a desert to surround me, Sandy winds irritated my eyes, as the heat tortured my body. Hotter then the usual days I spent in Arizona, the last thought on my mind was how I got here? Last I could remember was slipping into my bed, and pulling the covers up. My hands began to feel hotter, looking at them that had started to smoke a bit, then within seconds were ablaze with flames.
    My eyes shot open. Flames engulfed the walls consuming all escape points, the smell of smoke, and kerosene filled the air, making me dizzy. I had just been set into a man made hell, sparks flew around me, singeing my face and body. This had to be torture, even hell would be more merciful then awaiting death, from the flames around me. I sat there, already feeling the flames creep upon my arms, ever cell of my body screamed in pain, but my body wouldn’t respond. All I could do was lie there and burn, as the fames rose through my body, I knew death was intimate, I forced my eyes shut, and finally felt a soothing sense of relief pass over me, the fire had stop, and I was finally free of my torturous state. Opening my eyes I found myself still lying on the bed, which I had was still burning on. I turned my head, as the roof finally gave in to the powerful flames. Standing there dumbfounded I soon found out, death wasn’t half as exciting as I had thought.

    “Whoa looks at it burn!” laughed a voice, as three teenagers, stood there, the one talking was a male, his hair was dark brown, eyes shined like sapphires, an attire consisted of neutral colors, a grey sweatshirt, chained black pants, and a pair of buckled black boots. “What do you think? A great way to go, or he should have collapsed the thing himself?” he asked, a slightly older one, his hair pure black, his eyes were brown, almost black in the darkness, clothing of a true Goth was hung on him, a black shirt, leather pants, and black boots, and assorted necklaces that symbolized death.
    “Shut up!” he commanded the younger boy, and turned his head to a female, of the same attire. “Is he one or not?“ He asked impatiently, letting her examine me, I wondered what they were doing waiting for her to finish she grinned.
    “Hmm, his soul seems right, but we’ll need a body to bound him to again.” she declared as the other two leapt up from the boulder and rushed at me. Their hands lashed at me holding me still, trapping me like a rodent.

    “What are you going to do to me?” I questioned as I felt like the energy was being drained by the people holding me. The girl grinned , as she retched behind her and produced a small knife.
    “Just going to show you a new side of life,” she said slicing her left palm, a sticky red ooze leaked from it covering her palm. “Now lets begin the ceremony while we await the body of his new host.” she said, as she used her right index finger as a pen and began drawing upon my body. “you maybe a ghost for now, but if your not collected by a reaper I’ll just have to use you, necromancy is hard to practice, an all those damned reapers are collecting the souls of all spirits before I can even experiment.” She said cutely, then she finished drawing with a pentagram on my forehead. My mind wondered what would happen if she finished, her voice wasn’t scary, but the way she talked made me worry. As I was held I felt like the world was suddenly peaceful, until twin beams of light set upon us, a old pick up truck drove towards us, the windows tinted dark, only think noticeable was a black coffin in the truck bed.
    “Seems like he made it before a reaper could, I’m half way pleased with his speed of finding a body.” she giggled, as the truck stopped a few feet from us, the door flew open, and a boy about the same age stepped out, noticeably his silver hair coved his left eye, his dark stare fear into me, it was impossible to tell what color his eyes were, a large black cloak surrounded him, even deadlier was his demonic voice.
    “You started with out the body,” he announced darkly. “You know if a reaper was to see you like that it would be you second offense and meaning death to you.” his voice dry and evil, he quickly unloaded the heavy casket. He grabbed as he kicked open the object of my fear, then a corpse of a young boy tumbled from the coffin, he gripped me and threw me straight down on it. It was as if it was sucking me into the corpse, cause the next thing I knew I was choking from lack of oxygen, then opened my eyes laying where the corpse was, although I couldn’t move I was breaking, I was alive.
    “It worked just fine!” She squealed.
    Besides the fact I was in another body, these four people surrounding me. Nothing had changed at all, I was still unemployed, poor, and now had now place to live. These four people though now had a sort of expression that showed their true nature, and it wasn’t good will or lawfulness. It was a look of boredom, at least it was the only thing I could relate to, my last job was working at the satellites, sending audio frequencies into space to see if aliens exist, it was a load of crap.
    Each one looked at me, as the girl kept prancing around happily. The only thing I could even think of is I wish I were dead. I kept thinking that, until the eldest walked over to the girl, and knocked her on the top of the head, the strength he used wasn‘t too hard or too soft.
    “b***h that hurt!” She shouted at him, throwing her fist at his face, and knocking him to the ground.
    “At least it got your attention!” He called back. “Also you forgot the last thing you were supposed to do,” he informed jumping to his feet almost ready to hit her back, but he saw the one that had driven the truck giving him a daring look.
    “Oh, yeah.” She replied rubbing her head. She walked up to me and studied me for a few minutes. “I’m just going to call you Tim!” she declared poking my forehead. I stood there wondering if she did this with them all, hearing some giggles from the others.
    “Tim,” I repeated
    “Yes, what you don’t like it,” she sniffled, her eyes starting to tear. I couldn’t reply, so I just shook my head that I didn’t. She immediately stopped her acting and grinned at me. ”Aww, what a softie,” she laughed giving me a light jab in the side.
    “Anyway lets go on back to the mansion,” said the eldest, as the others started laughing also.
    “What no sense of humor?” She asked him questionably
    “None whatsoever,” he replied turning to walk away. She snuck up behind him, then jumped on his back. We stood there watching them run about the desolate desert noticing, that whenever he tried to throw her off, she put him in a head lock to stop him. This kept up for about twenty minutes, or when one was tired, obviously they both had stamina, but the girl had the most, cause she came running back when he was on the ground.
    “Was that a little too much?” She asked, as the rest of us were about to fall over from her asking such a stupid question. “Oh, and Tim welcome to my little pack of wolves.” She announced.