• The Gaurds of Tenshi


    Zemilia marched triumphently down the Main Street of Tenshi. Her catch slung over her shoulder; she looked down at the broken long bow in her hand frowning. Her Uncle would not be happy about this. Oh well, atleast they had something to eat. "When They come tomorrow we might not even make it." She said thinking aloud

    She sighed then picked up pace realizing it was nearing dawn. She stopped at what looked like just another ivory colored building. She knocked three times before entering. Even though there was no door.

    She was clearly upset about the last time They came. This time taking everything and everyone in sight. She looked at the oh,so familiar hall; though the pictures were gone and doors deprived of hinges. She went threw the big empty kitchenthen out the back doorway. She glanced around then went to beat on the trapdoor hidden under some leaves near an old ok tree...


    "I am Oozora, Daughter of Heru, The rightful king of Tenshi!" I said proudly to the gaurd. He looked at me oddly through his helm before letting me pass. I smiled it was working. I had told the truth, In a way.

    I was Neko, not the alegid Oozora. She was my twin and the heir to the kingdom. My father, Heru, had hated that i had the gift of silent speech: and that it showed in my bright purple eyes.

    I picked up the edges of my skirt and tried my best at daintily and gracefully walking across thehard stone walkway. All I had to do was find Heru and warn him. An in-and-out job.

    Gen and I had "asked" sine if the hawks, and other birds of pray, to watch over Them. Only to find out that They were working with the kingdom from by the great waters; which we were fighting with. So, Therefor, not so friendly, or good for our kingdom...


    Camthin climbed down from his makeshift house. He never considered th small boat with a few boards nailed in various places where boreds were thin a home. There were no pictures, no love, not even that "home, sweet home" feeling. He'd lived there since They came and took what was left of his home and family. This all started three years ago...

    Camthin quickly darted to the remnents of his garden, greedily grabbed his pitiful harvest and then ran over to his woven basket. He climbed up his tree as if his life depended on it (In this case it probabl did) Thn quietly pulled up his basket, only a fourth of the full, up.

    There was nothing really edible in it: a few unripe tamatoes and a couple wrotten water melons. It wasn't exactly his favorite food, but it was food. He set his harvest into seperate piles: one near the windor and the other in farthest corner of his house-boat...


    Today was the last day I would be living with my family. Tomorrow I would be going to Tenshi. I was to visit my uncle and cousin, Atleast I'd hoped I would. I had this wierd feeling something was amiss

    This thought ran through his head while he was packing. He still had much to do: Feed the goats plow the fields. and awaken his sisters. He quickly climbed down his ladder then ran to Zenine and Kelly's room. He walked in and gently shook each of them saying, "Zen, Kell, uptime. 'Tis nearly noon." They sighed then sat up; they're blond hair a mess.

    "Brother Kej, They're harmonic voices chimed. "Why must we wake?" Zenine said. "We certainly have the sweetes of dreams." Kelly continued. "Because mother wishes to spend time as a family before you bid me my farewell." Kej said over his shoulder as he walked out, leaving them to dress.

    Kej whiped tears from his face. He sure would miss his sisters.


    She quickly opened the trapdoor, went in and closed it. She felt along the wall tell she found a stick, with engravings on it. "Nesnay, Fismay" She said aloud as the ends of the stick caught on fire, She quietly crept down the hard stone steps.

    Zemilia's eyes darted back and forth. She ran threw the underground hallways then finally to a big concrete room. "Hello Uncle!' She called into the dark. She waited for a minute before calling again. "Uncle?!?!"

    He finally answered in a serious of mumbles and groans. "Oh Jeez..Don't scare me like that!" She shouted.

    "Sorry Lia." Her uncle called back.

    "Why must you call me that?! Anyways...Whens Kej coming?" She said blindly walking t'ward the back wall where his deep voice echoed from.

    "He'll be here tonight, once its dark enough for him not to be seen." He whispered in her ear sending a shiver down her spine and making her jump.


    The large wooden door slowly begane to come into my vision I began to pick up my pace, my shoes making a quiet tap tap, noise on the hard walkway. I had to hurry to my father