• Chapt 2

    ...it had been a long time coming for all those who knew these 2, Sam n Jen had always been 2 close for any self respecting "supposed" male n female friendship to be. Lisa for one had made fun of there “unrequited love" (her words of course) but for some reason they were both oblivious to each others obvious feelings. But now I guess they both could see what they couldn’t before.
    "Urm, what just happened?" Sam managed to say after a few seconds on being on the ground..."think we should land now. Jen looked at the floor and then back at Sam, they were about an inch apart now "we landed a few second ago, but I know what u mean" they both now stepped apart a little n Lisa ran up to them saying "its about time guys...I know I'm the one that shoots fire from her hands but u guys were frickin hot...upsidedown kissing spidey aint got nothing on u 2. that was jus down rite sexy....wish I had me a man rite about now...come to think of it Scott in class was chec...." but before she could say any more there was a huge gust of air and then a thump on the roof which slightly shook it. They all turned simultaneously to see a muscular man with rippling pectorals and a mask that came down to a cape. he looked like something out of a Dexter’s lab cartoon with his blue and red costume....they all knew who he was...captain kick a** had bin old school...he defeated the crushmiester and made eviscerator a crippled retard. But just those lil things didn’t make his out fit cool.
    "Jennifer Milson....we need your help. The crew of outstanding good guys are in dire straights and only your unique blend of powers can save us."
    "What?...I haven’t finished training yet...I've still got 2months before I can b issued an active duty pass" said Jen stepping forward from behind Sam. "And besides...I don’t think I'm up to u guys standards quite yet" she added with a nervous snigger.
    "Yeah that’s true, and besides, shouldn’t you be asking me?...I've bin on the active roster for 3months now...my fingers r itching 2 scorch some bad a**...urm...a**" said Lisa with her fingers on fire and an evil look in her eyes. Sam jus gave her the look he always gave her...the one that said 'don’t b silly now dear, adults r talking'...it always seem to work cause she extinguished her fingers and sniggered toward Jen in front of him. "You are wasting time with this inane chatter...Jennifer...we need your help and we'll all have your back." added the man in spandex.
    "Wait a second, aren’t there 5 of u in the crew of...jeeze in your team? Cant you guys handle it...she’s not ready for this yet" was all Sam could say as he saw that twinkle in Jens eyes. "What do u mean?...I can do this...and isn’t this what we all dream of?...better now than never I guess." said Jen enthusiastically "I can come with rite?" asked Lisa
    "I don’t think that’s a good idea...besides we need fliers...lets do this" said captain kick a** (for the record he didn’t name himself, and neither did his team. as was tradition, on your 1st recorded outing, your hero name would be giving to u by the first newspaper or magazine to choose it. unfortunately for some typos meant you'd be called the "wonder bras" instead of the "wonder bros". though the name was changed people still call them that)
    And with that he took off leaving them with dust in there eyes n wind up there shirts. "wish me luck guys.." said Jen n she took off just as fast as the captain "you no u don’t have t..."he didn’t even bother finishing his sentence as she was no doubt way out of range, so he ended it with a sigh.
    Lisa put an arm around him and said... "Yeah I no....they didn’t even ask me either"....