• running through the trees and try to find my way .I keep running rubbing my eyes. weeping till my eye hurt and turn red. I call,"TRINA!! Come!" through the trees sweeps the snow white bangel tiger taller then a horse and stronger, too. I bury my face in her fur and think, "I know it not a curse but it feels like it."
    Trina at me and purrs," come now Morie you are not cursed you are just different. you have the eyes the color of a waterfall and hair so black like a bleack night. so stop complaining and lets go to camp."we start to walk to camp, me relying on Trina to guide me through the forest.
    "do you think that I am weird Trina?" I said.
    "No. now go to bed",narls Trina, " and no more foolish questions."
    we fall into a deep sleep.