• Meager and out of place.
    Resemble the amative he left you,
    sit on it every midday.
    Obligate the billows of white moving past,
    then delve for the cognizance that haunted you last.
    Brim the mind, for all those memories.
    Center yourself with all your mistakes.
    Hope for acceptance,
    stem for your sanctuary.
    Sashay to the melodies,
    you kept locked in your heart.
    Rattle open the drawer,
    take the gelid metal;
    open up what you've scarred for.
    Fill your wounds,
    with his happiness.
    Seal the awoken blood,
    with of what you gained.
    Press your eyes to the sky,
    to keep the water from spilling.
    Know that you and his heart have changed.
    Understand that what you shared was worth it.
    Be pleased,
    don't let yourself fall.
    Hold yourself up for the last sentiments.
    Take your first steps,
    walk it off.