• The sun was a mild orange.

    Why I say this? Because when writing one wants to describe all of the surroundings for the pefect mental picture to do their character justice. And for James, that orange sun made him cry.

    James Howick. Another independant kid that let those wack-job Scientist experiment with him, change him, mutate him and his best friend Andrew Jhonsen with a spider. Another kid, who, like Alysha Zollinger, was their lab-rat. And it was the thought of Alysha that made him cry, cussing under his breath. "Andrew..." He said softly.
    "Yeah, man?" Came a responce, not far from him.

    "We have to find it... The cure I mean."

    "I know man."

    "No! You don't know! You can't know! " James slammed his fist on the ground. "Lies! Always lies! Is there any adult out there who truely listens to kids?!"

    "Okey, man. Chi-"

    "No, I won't! Why the hell is life to f**king hard?!?! We almost had it, and she died!"

    Andrew paused befor answering. "James, just cause your having PMS for some girl, doesn't mean you take it out on me." He put a hand on James' sholder, "we'll find it. Don't try and make this all about Alysha."

    James softened, "I think she's alive, man... But I can't be sure..."
    "Man! Your wacked! Theres no way!" He laughed, then stopped. James' face wasn't laughing, or smiling. "No... You don't realy...? Do you?"


    "Wow... Thats intence, man...." He shrugged. "Okey, we'll find your 'undead' girlfriend and get the cure!"

    "What the f**k, man! She's not my girl!"
    Andrew smirked, "you want her and you know it!"

    That started then in a boy-like wrestle, fulll of noogies, cusswords, and upercuts.
    "We'll be cured." James said.
    "Man.. What the-" Andrew was knocked down, heartless climbed all over him, biting, kicking, and going for James. A large heartless, with twisted fingers and sharp claws grabbed Andrewss bloodly body and-

    End, of chapter one.XD