• They both started moving in closer. They were about an inch apart before their lips would have touched, but then…

    “Hey guys!” Selphie yelled interrupting the two.

    “Selphie?” Roxas and Naminé said in unison surprised to see their friend, “Wait, you know her?”

    “C’mon, no time to waste! The teachers are supposed to announce something!” Selphie took Naminé’s hand and dragged her towards the building.

    “Wait, I never got your…” Naminé yelled, “…name.” the mysterious boy was already lost in the crowd.

    It was Saturday morning, and a week had passed since the dance. Today everyone was either visiting their family, going to the doctors, or something else. This left Naminé and Roxas alone for the day.

    It was around 11:00 A.M. and the two were still inside their dorm room and they were both on their separate beds. Roxas was just listening to some rock band in his mp3 and Naminé was drawing in her sketchbook.

    Naminé was lying down with her hair tied so it wouldn't get in the way while she drew. On her bed and was sketching a picture of her and that boy from the Halloween Masquerade dancing together. She couldn’t stop thinking about him. Naminé looked down at her somewhat finished drawing and blushed, “What the heck is wrong with me!” she thought.

    While Roxas was lying down on his bed, a love song Passion by Utada Hikaru (A/N: Yuffie was the one who put it in for him XD) started playing on his mp3, which got him thinking about the girl again. He couldn’t stop reminiscing about her. She was so different from all of the others, just like her. Roxas smiled, he looked to his side and noticed Naminé was drawing something in her sketchbook and decided to take a peek out pure curiosity.

    Naminé on the other hand quickly sensed it and cover the drawing with her arms and glared at him, “What are you staring at?”

    “I was just curious, so what are you drawing?” Roxas asked staring at her.

    “None of your business…” Naminé began to blush at the thought of what she was drawing.

    Roxas just shrugged it off and went to the mini fridge near their study table to find that there were no sodas left.

    “I’m gonna sneak into Riku’s room to see if I can grab some soda, okay?” Roxas informed the busy girl.

    “Do whatever you want it’s not my problem,” she said kind of dryly as she put the finishing touches in her picture with a blue pencil crayon.

    Roxas sighed and soon left the room. Naminé turned the page to continue drawing something else, but noticed she had run out of pages for the first time in months. She began flipping through the old sketches and smiled, “I can't believe I drew all this…”

    Naminé put away the sketchbook in a drawer and quickly pulled out her small white jellybean shaped mp3. She wasn’t in the mood for any of the songs in it so she grabbed the remote and turned on the t.v. Naminé couldn’t really get a good view of the screen on her bed so she looked around the room to find the best spot. And it ironically happened to be on Roxas’ bed.

    She began looking side to side, “What am I doing? No one’s in this room and Roxas won’t be coming back for a while…” she thought.

    Naminé quickly hopped on to his bed and sat there with a faint blush appearing on her face. “This is soo weird, but it’s for the sake of my t.v. needs.”

    She watched the television and when it was a commercial break on the show she decided to hop back on her bed or else she would seem kind of suspicious if someone found her.

    Naminé was about to hop back on her bed, but stopped when she noticed something on top of the dresser that separated her and Roxas’ beds. It was a square shaped checkered wallet; his wallet.

    Naminé grinned evilly, she couldn’t help herself, “I don’t think Roxas will mind if he doesn’t catch me…”

    She took the wallet and looked inside it, “Aww…no munny! This bites!” she said to no one in particular.

    After she looked through that pocket, Naminé noticed pictures inside the other clear pockets. The first one saw was a group picture of Roxas, Hayner, Olette, Pence, and another girl when they were a lot younger. The girl had short black hair and onyx colored eyes and seemed to be older than the rest of them by a year or two. Naminé smiled in amusement, the girl was messing up Roxas’ hair and he looked kind of pissed.

    She flipped over the picture and gasped at the next one. The picture seemed more recent than the last. It was of a girl clinging on to Roxas’ arm who was blushing. What surprised Naminé the most was that the girl was like looking through a mirror. Not like how she and Kairi were, but an actual replica of her. She had the same blonde hair, with the same hair style, and the same pale colored skin, the only thing that was different about the two of them was the girl’s emerald green eyes.

    The way Roxas looked at the girl in the picture made a slight and but instant pain in Naminé’s heart. Jealousy maybe? Wait, what’s there to be jealous of? Nothing right? Right?

    Naminé was soon brought back to reality though when she heard the door click open.

    “Hehe, I can’t believe I actually got some drin- What are you doing with my wallet?” Roxas asked raising an eye brow.

    “Uhh…” Naminé had been caught red handed.

    “And on my bed? You know if you wanted some munny, I still wouldn’t have given any to you,” Roxas smirked.

    “For your information, I noticed the t.v. was mostly on your side of the room, so I decided to watch it here. And you should know by now not to leave you stuff lying around,” Naminé ranted on. Roxas just gave her a say-whatever-you-want-cause-I-know-your-still-crazy kind of look as he put the sodas away.

    Naminé blushed from embarrassment, and hopped back onto her bed, and laid down on her back. Roxas closed the fridge and went on his bed and did the same.

    Naminé began thinking about the picture again, “Who is that girl?” she thought, “And why the hell does she have to look like me!” Naminé sighed, “What’s wrong with me and why do I feel this way…”

    Roxas noticed she was lost in her thoughts, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

    “Nothing, why?” Naminé’s confused expression changed into a suspicious glare as she sat up.


    “What is it now?” Naminé just continued to glare.

    “It’s just that, you’re always picking fights with me, and I don’t even remember how it started anymore,” Roxas replied.

    Naminé blushed, “You’re annoying, that’s why!” She crossed her arms and quickly turned to face the other way.

    “Hey, Naminé?” Roxas said softly.

    “What now?” Naminé growled.

    “Umm…” Roxas began blushing, “Can you put your hair down? Like take off your hair tie?” the pink color on his face now became more visible.

    “W-what? Why?” Naminé was caught off guard.

    “B-because…can you please?” he begged with puppy dog eyes that he knew she couldn’t resist.

    “Fine!” she took off her pony-tail and looked at him, “Now what?” Naminé noticed he was looking at her intently causing her to blush as well.

    Roxas started walking towards her bed, “Roxas, w-what are y-” He put his index finger on her lips as if to say ‘be quiet.’ Naminé was blushing furiously now, “WHAT THE HECK DOES HE WANT FROM ME!” she screamed in her head.

    Roxas and Naminé’s face was now less than an inch apart, Naminé closed her eyes shut, and was really nervous now. Roxas just smirked, and then sat back down on his bed.

    “I was right all along. You can’t be that girl, what was I thinking?” Roxas laughed.

    Naminé’s face began turning red, “What the hell is wrong with you! I mean, what the heck was that all about!” Naminé yelled.

    “What? I wasn’t going to do anything. I was just checking for something,” Roxas’ grin grew wider, “or is it, that you actually wanted me to do something?”

    “You’re a b*****d, you know that?” Naminé was still flushed as she galred at the blonde boy.

    “You’re the one who goes on top of people’s beds and takes their wallets,” Roxas laughed.


    “Hey, wanna go out for lunch? I’m getting hungry, and not on a date of course!” Roxas asked.

    “W-what? But, you don’t even have munny! And I'm kinda broke...” Naminé gave him a questioning look.

    “Yeah, I do. I just put it in my pocket to keep it away from thieves like you!” Roxas smirked.

    “Note to self: Take needed munny when he’s asleep…” Naminé thought as she glared at him.

    “So are you coming or not?” Roxas asked already putting on a black fall jacket, "I do need to make it up to you for that little misunderstanding, even though you should be the one doing this for trying to steal from me."

    “Fine, fine!” Naminé got up to get her bag and put on her white jacket and waited outside the door for Roxas.

    While she was waiting Roxas went to check his wallet to see what she saw exactly, “So she saw this huh?” looking at the picture of the girl clinging on to his arm and himself, Roxas smiled. Just then he took out a picture from behind. It was a portrait of a little girl with short blonde hair and pretty blue eyes, she looked so innocent. Roxas sighed as he put the picture back and went out the door because Naminé as of now was starting to complain on why he took so long.

    So the two walked together outside the building to find a place to eat lunch.

    "So, tell me again why you're like five feet away from me?" Roxas asked.

    "Because, I don't want people to think we're together or anything!" Naminé said with her face in another direction.

    “Riight, so where do you wanna eat?” Roxas asked while looking at the stores around them.

    “I don’t know, hmm…how about that one over there,” Naminé said as she was pointing at a random fast food restaurant (A/N: I couldn’t think of anything! T-T).

    “Okay, sure.” Roxas agreed.

    As they were walking towards the fast food place, Naminé saw someone familiar ahead of them, and coming their direction. It was Kairi and Sora! Naminé quickly pushed Roxas behind some near by wall and hid there with him.

    “Hey, what the-!”

    “Shh! It’s Sora and Kairi…” Naminé whispered putting her hand over his mouth.

    “Why are you so embarrassed to be seen with me?” he asked pushing her hand away.

    “That’s not it!” she glared at him, “Look!” Naminé pointed towards Kairi and Sora’s direction and saw those two holding hands and laughing as if someone told a joke.

    “Whoa! I didn’t know they were going out!” Roxas said with wide eyes.

    “I had a great time Kairi!” Sora gave one of his cheesy grins.

    “Yeah me too, but too bad we have to hide it from the others because of Selphie and them.” Kairi sighed.

    “Why don’t we just tell them then?” Sora said innocently.

    “Okay, then maybe tomorrow. I just hope Selphie didn’t eat too much candy to last her for the whole weekend!” Kairi laughed.

    On the other side where Naminé and Roxas were eaves dropping…

    “Kairi said she was gonna be at the doctors today! What a liar!” Naminé exclaimed in a quiet tone.

    “Yeah, and Sora said he would…he would…you know I don’t know what Sora even said about on what he was gonna do today…” Roxas wondered.

    “Wanna confront them?” Naminé asked.

    “Yeah, but it’ll ruin their date maybe later in the domitory?” Roxas suggested.

    “Sure, okay. I wanna just eat first anyway!” Naminé laughed putting her hands on her stomach.

    Back at the dorms Sora was just walking Kairi back to her bedroom, when Roxas and Naminé popped out of nowhere yelling, “AHA! So you two are going out!”

    “W-what? What are two talking about?” Kairi asked nervously.

    “We saw you two at the shopping district today, so confess!” Naminé demanded.

    “Okay, okay. We are! But we only hid it from you guys to stop all the commotion before it started,” Sora sighed.

    “So when did you two get together?” Roxas asked.

    “Well it started at the Halloween Masquerade thingy…” Kairi blushed, “And uhh…you don’t have to hear the rest…”

    “Aww…why not? If you tell us we won’t tell Selphie and the others!” Naminé grinned knowing her plan would work.

    “Okay, okay! It started when I asked Sora to dance with me…and you tell the rest Sora!” Kairi turned an even darker shade of red.

    “Okay, I was kind of an idiot and I didn’t know it was her, so I told her that well I liked my friend Kairi and stuff. Then later on when it was time to reveal your identity I saw that it was her…” Sora confessed.

    “And then, out of now where the bum starts blushing like mad and I kissed him and told him that I liked him too…” Kairi looked down at the ground with a beet red face.

    “Aww…Selphie’s right, you guys are soo cute together! Congratulations!” Naminé squealed.

    “Uhh…thanks…” Kairi and Sora smiled.

    “At least you two are finally together with the help of Sora’s stupidity of course! Hehe!” Roxas laughed.

    “Hey! At least I have a girlfriend!” Sora snapped back.

    “Okay guys, I think we got the point so let’s just go back to our rooms and have some piece and quiet,” Kairi sighed.

    “Yeah see you guys!” Naminé waved dragging Roxas away, who was ready to ask more questions.

    “Those two hang around each other too much; they’re soo in denial…” Sora laughed.

    “Yeah, you’re right. Bye Sora!” Kairi kissed Sora goodbye on the cheek and walked inside her room.
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