• In 1876 a young girl named Jenn was walking beside a river. A man stabbed and hung her in his closet. while he hung her he said bukkake bukkake . three months later he called the cops saying that he saw her in his kitchen and the next day his body was found by the creek with countless stab wounds. The house remained closed until 2007. A couple and there daughter bought the house..matthew and lisa clifton were both of the age of 40 there daughter Nicole was 13.
    They thought the price was the best they were going to find so they bought it. but her spirit was never laid to rest
    The third day in the house things got weird. Nicole couldn’t find her school books and found them in the closet when she went to get her shoes. But they thought nothing of it . Nicole was sitting in English class in school that day and a boy at the back wearing a black shirt and black hat was staring at her. After English he walked up and said your new aren’t you the only house for sale was the house on wallaby way 32 and maple nut. Well you should be aware. Something in that house is evil. Last year me and my friends went there when they dared me. We went to the second bedroom and in the closet a noose was sitting there on the floor. I thought they were playing a trick on me but I soon realized this was no laughing matter. We walked down stairs and there was a girl in old clothes sitting in a corner looking at us with these cold dark eyes. When we asked her name she said bukkake bukkake. The house got real dark and all light in the room disappeared when the light came back on she was gone and we ran and swore to never go back. Nicole answered back with a stare. She walked off and went to her next class. She went home and her parents weren’t there. She went to her phone and it wouldn’t work. She got her cell phone out of her pocket but anywhere she went there was no service she went to her room and wondered about what the boy had said earlier that day. She heard a door slam and went down stairs to see her mom putting groceries up she went down to tell her mom about the phone but when her mother tried it nothing was wrong. She thought it may have been unconnected. But she thought about that again but didn’t know because her cell phone didn’t work either. She brushed her teeth that night and saw something sticking out to her. she walked a little closer to see a girl hanging in front of her. she opened her mouth but no sound came out. She closed her eyes trying to make it go away. When she opened her eyes everything was somber and still. She dropped down to her knees and started to cry. she heard a voice in the air saying . do you feel my pain. Do you feel my pain. Do you. The words seemed to echo in her head while she slept. She went to school that day looking for the boy in black. After English she ran to him and asked why are you doing this to me. I didn’t do anything she did. what do you mean she did. This wasn’t my fault or yours because whatever it is. it doesn’t like people and it is trapped inside that house. Just like you. she went home to see the closet but when she got there it was empty. She got scared and froze up. No matter how bad she wanted to she couldn’t move at all. She let out a scream and said. What is this. She looked hard into the closet but not seeing a girl she saw a man with stab wounds all over his body. She asked who he was but he answered with im suffering for my mistake she gets to suffer to. She asked again but he said nothing except you are so scared of something that cant hurt you. Get out of the house before it does hurt you. He disappeared before she could ask what he was. Things soon went from bad to worse she heard the same old words repeating in her head that night. Bukkake bukkake bukkake every time sending chills down her spine.
    The haunting melody ringing out through the air that night her mom was sleeping when she awoke to the sound of someone down stairs when she woke her husband he got up and went to look when he got in there awestruck the noise stopped then the air went silent and as he looked up he saw a girl in the corner he asked her name but she faded to black and he said nothing of it and went to bed

    The dad finally confessed the next day and over the next few weeks they spent time packing and as they drove off Nicole stared back at the house staring as the ghost of the girl appeared in her window
    but all she did was stare as the sun rose up over the house