• Once upon a time there was a blond-haired girl of 24 that lived with here parents in a lavishly decorated castle, But the girl hated it.
    “Why won’t they let me move out and get my own house.” “I hate having to live in this big castle. I don’t want to be stuck in a castle were you could get lost just trying to find the bathroom. I want to live in a large cottage where I’ll still have room for a couple guests but not big enough to host a ball.” and on and on she would rant until she tired herself out. She would go out to the garden and walk around until she came to the pond situated in the middle of the garden.
    “Who has a pond in their garden.” Mimi would say, but then she would be interrupted by the appearance of her favorite creature in her life, A frog. This frog had been there ever since she could remember and she didn’t remember when she had ever not been a friend to the frog. She had eventually named the frog Prince. Mimi thought to herself, What a befitting name for something as ugly as you, because I bet inside you have a heart of gold and in my eyes that makes you more of a prince then anyone.
    On this particular day she had gone down to the pond to talk to Prince.
    “Prince. Oh, Prince. Where are you” Mimi called. Now you would probably think this was insane, but for some reason it always seemed to work because sooner or later Prince would come out of the pond and greet Mimi. Prince croaked at Mimi, and she said
    “Hello, my prince, how have you been”, and Prince croaked in return. Then Mimi said
    “I wish I could be a frog. Then I could come live with you.” What Mimi was expecting to hear was his croak of assent, but what she heard was
    “You can.”
    “WHAT!” Mimi exclaimed in astonishment.
    “I said you can be..”
    “Can be what?”
    “A frog you silly little girl”
    “Don’t call me silly, and how come you are talking, normal frogs can’t talk”
    “BINGO! That’s it exactly. I am no ordinary frog. I am a magic frog, and if you kiss me you can become a frog just like you want.”
    “Does it hurt?”
    “I don’t think so.”
    “So you mean that if I kiss you then I can become a frog and leave this retched place forever.”
    “Alright then, I’ll do it.”
    Mimi started to bend down to kiss the frog when a thought occurred to her.
    “Your not going to use your tongue are you?”
    “Not unless you want me to”
    “Hum, that is a tempting offer I’ll have to think about it.” So Mimi sat back and thought about it for awhile. Finally after about ten minutes of hard thinking on Mimi’s part she said “No I don’t think that’s necessary.”
    “O.K. then I won’t.” After Prince said that Mimi bent down and kissed the frog, then something miraculous happened, Mimi was turned into a frog and Prince was transformed into a human.
    “Well Mimi you failed the test.” the newly transformed Prince said.
    “Father, is that you?” Mimi said in her new deep, croaky voice.
    “Yes, it’s me Mimi, and I’m disappointed in you. Is your life here really so bad that you would rather be a frog than live with us?”
    ”Yes, Yes, I would.”
    “Then, if you like it so much I’ll let you be a frog until you come to your senses.”
    So Mimi’s father left her in that pond. Every once in awhile he would go down and check on his daughter, but every time she would squirt water into his face and tell him to leave. Eventually, Mimi’s father stopped going to the pond, and eventually Mimi found herself a boyfriend. When they got married Mimi’s family and Nick’s (that’s the name of the other frog) family came to see the wedding, Mimi’s family hanging their heads in shame, and Nick’s beaming proudly, and give them there condolences, or lack there of.
    Mimi and Nick had fifty kids, but only 5 survived. After awhile Nick and Mimi grew apart and finally split up. Mimi finally saw the error of her ways and asked her dad to turn her back into a human, and eventually finding her dream husband and having 5 kids with him, 3 boys and 2 girls. As for Nick, he ended up getting killed by his own children in the most horrible way imaginable, being sold to a crazy pet store owner. After that Nick got sold to a little girl who, once they got him home, would not stop jabbing the tank, eventually giving him a brain tumor, which caused his death.