• Wow! This time machine looks so cool! All the multi colored buttons, it looked so un real. I ber you are wondering how i got this time machine. Well this is how it happended.
    One morning I woke up and started watching televison. My eyes filled with drowseness. A commericail came on and the anouncer was talking really fast like in all commercials. "For an outstanding offer of $99.95 get your very own time machine! Just call 555-273-0065 and order now! What a rip off, I said as I shut off the televison. The next day in school I talked to my friends about the commercial.
    "You should get it said my friend Mike," with tons of excitment in his voice. "I'm not so sure said my friend Brianna." "Come on," said Mike. It's so cool! The curiostity got the best of me and I decided to get it. The bell rang for the next class and I bolted down the halls to my next class. All through class I was thinking about ordering the time machine. We were taking an social studies final and the class was silent. I could her the seconds going by. The steady tick of the clock. Finally the bell rung and I sprinted out the door. My body felt liek a never ending battery. Finally I got home and I orderd the amazing machine. I couldnt wait for the day to end.
    The next day I got a humungous package at my font door. The time machine! I tore open the box liek a little kid on Christmas. And there in front of me was the most magnificant thing to behold. The time machine, it glittered like gold. I pressed the button on the door of the machine. The doors slit open like an elevator and a puff of white smoke came our from the door. I steped inside the time machine. It looked like a mini house! It had carpeted floors and windows! Im going to have the greatest time of my life!!!
    A computerized voice came on. It said, welcome to Time Machine 4.0. All of a sudden a control pad came down. It had tons of buttons that went from the 1900's to the 1600's!! It also had buttons that said future prehistoric and home. I pressed the future button. The machine started to shake and the lights on the ceiling flashed multi colors. Then it was still. I think I'm in the future.
    I oppended the door and stepped out. The future was liek an eco friendly world. Everything was chorme and solar powered. People road hover cars! I spotted some snack machines and I was hungry so I decided to get somthing. I got a soda. I drank it and then when I was about to throw it out in the garbage the machine said, " you should recycle that!" I had the feeling it was tiem to get home so I went back into the machine. I pressed the home button. The machine shook the lights flashed and then it stopped.
    When I went to school I told everyone about the time machine. No one belived me. I didn't care because I knew it was real.
    Years passed and I still wonder was there really a time machine? Is that what the future beholds? And am I just crazy? Either way I knew what I experinced and I will belive it till the day i die.